Best Speed Bag Reviews: Top 10 Brands For Beginners And Veterans

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021

Training with a speed bag is an integral part of boxing training and a great addition to any workout…

...especially if you want to build up upper arm strength while taking out your frustration. 

Personally, I find it hard to give my arms the same workout as my legs, but with a speed bag, you’ll feel like your arms have just gone for a run.

What else do they do?

Speed bags can improve your endurance, arm and shoulder strength and, of course, improve your speed and coordination. But with so many speed bag reviews out there, how can you figure out which is the best speed bag?

We’ve comprised this list of the best speed bags on the market right now to give you more of an idea of what to look for in a good speed bag.

The 10 Best Speed Bag Reviewed

1. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best Overall

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, Small

Named for its gyroscope, a piece of equipment that keeps the bladder inside the speed bag balanced, TITLE is the best overall speed bag in this speed bag review as it offers something for everyone at a reasonable price. 

TITLE is also a well-known brand in the boxing world so you can trust you are getting a solid piece of equipment. With the enhanced balance and 3 size options, this speed bag is great for beginners and professionals. 

If you are just starting out, the improved balance will help you build up a rhythm that won’t be affected by sudden changes in direction. If you are a professional, you’ll appreciate a speed bag that helps you keep focused on your game.

The only problem with this is, if you are training for competitive boxing, you might want to practice with a slightly less predictable target. However, the point of a speed bag is that you can work on building up precision and speed and a predictable rebound will really help you with this.

What’s more, this speed bag is made from top-grade leather with a butyl rubber bladder, both of which are high-quality and durable. The reinforced stitching and lacing also contribute to the durability but some customers have found that the protruding lacing, which isn’t on every side, can throw off their balance a little and get in the way of contact with the bag.


  • High-quality material
  • 3 size options
  • Gyroscope for improved balance
  • Good for all levels
  • Reasonable price


  • Lacing can get in the way
  • Rebound might be too predictable for advanced users

In spite of these small complaints, we found that this speed bag satisfied most customers and, with different size options, this is the best speed bag for all levels at a reasonable price.


2. Pro Impact Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Professionals

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag Black – Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training (Small - 6"x9") Made from genuine leather and with reinforced seams, you won’t find this bag breaking any time soon, even if you are taking out all of your frustration on it. 

Pro Impact is the best speed bag for heavy-duty use and professionals as it can take on the extra force without splitting.

Finally, there are a few color options to choose from to style up your home gym.

Customers have also found that the latex bladder is more reliable than other options in this speed bag review, which is a big bonus if you want a bag that is going to last without having to constantly replace the bladder. Although very durable, genuine leather does require a little more maintenance and conditioning.

Generally, it is also a more expensive material but this speed bag is actually very reasonably priced for such a high-quality piece of equipment from a well-known brand.

Unlike other options in speed bag reviews, the seams on this piece of equipment won’t throw off your balance as they are nicely concealed within the bag. The bag can also be inflated easily if it starts to lose air after a few high impact rounds from heavy-duty users.

There are two size options, a small 5x7, and a slightly larger 6x9, but no large option for beginners who still need a bigger target. The small option is the best for advanced users and the pear shape provides an accurate rebound, despite the smaller size, so you should be able to work on your accuracy and rhythm without losing momentum. 


  • Genuine leather
  • Heavy duty
  • Durable
  • Size and color option
  • Reinforced and subtle seams
  • Latex bladder
  • Can inflate


  • No large options for beginners
  • Some customers have found it can feel off balance

Some customers have found that the balance can be a little off but this could also help you train for the real thing, as your opponent won’t be as predictable as a speed bag, and provides more of a challenge for advanced users.

For advanced users, this is a high-quality pick with a reasonable price tag.


3. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Precision & Comfort

Balazs Lazer Speed Bag (6 x 9 Small Sonic)

Another popular option in this market is the Balazs Lazer Speed Bag. This high-quality speed bag is ideal for heavy-duty use and the best speed bag for comfort thanks to the smooth grained leather. With real leather, this bag might need a little more care and maintenance than synthetic leather options but the longer life span is worth a little attention.

Real leather is also more expensive but the good thing about this bag is that it is very durable and will save you buying replacements down the road. Balazs assure customers that the air chamber will never pop and the bladder won’t need replacing but could do with re-inflation after heavy use which is easily done.

The bag itself looks really smooth especially because it doesn’t have visible lacing or seams like other bags. This is great for building rhythm and speed as the occasional nock with a seam can really throw off balance and rebound. With this smooth option, you won’t be caught off guard when you hit any part of the bag.

This is also the best option for anyone with sensitive skin as the smooth leather doesn’t feel rough on the hands, even after a hardcore session. Although the hidden seams and laces can be a big benefit in terms of your training, they might not be as strong as the traditional speed bag stitching. 

However, this hasn’t seemed to reduce the durability of this product according to customers.


  • Smooth grained leather
  • No laces or welting
  • Kevlar triple-stitched loop
  • Can inflate bladder
  • Heavy duty
  • Durable


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Expensive

If you are looking for a professional quality bag which is forgiving on the hands, this is the best speed bag for you. The only customer complaints are that it can feel a bit bulkier and heavier but this just shows the quality and thickness of the material.


4. Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best Size

Hand-made with incredibly durable material, like real leather and a nylon lining, The Cleto Reyes speed bag is sure to stand up to the test of time. It is also the best speed bag for size range as it offers a lot of different sizes for all levels from extra small to large. 

With the different sizes, you’ll be able to work on building up your accuracy step by step without having to buy different models of speed bag each time you want to change size.

The tough nylon lining and hidden seams mean that this speed bag is less likely to split and the stitching won’t be throwing off your accuracy. This is an important quality for this bag as it is made to increase your accuracy and aid hand-eye coordination, improving your balance for a real fight.

The only problem with the material is that real leather does need a little more care and attention. It also comes with a slightly higher price tag but you are paying for high-quality manufacturing. 

If you want a speedball that can really help you improve your striking and build up your accuracy, this would be a great option.


  • Range of sizes
  • Suits all levels
  • Real leather
  • Nylon lining
  • Durable
  • Hidden seams
  • Hand made


  • Expensive
  • Real leather needs care

It comes in 4 different color choices which are a bit more eye-catching than other designs and will really stand out whether you are buying for a gym or home workout.


5. RDX Double End Speed Ball/Bag

Our Verdict: Best in Versatility

The best speed bag for versatility is the RDX Double End because of its slightly different design. Shaped more like a rugby ball, this speed bag can be used at multiple angles, from above, below or from the side, to train any part of your body including the feet, elbows, and knees.

This makes the RDX ideal for training for a range of exercises including kickboxing and sparring. The straps are also easily adapted to allow more or less movement depending on whether you are looking to train speed or work on your coordination.

The material is also very durable, made from Maya Hide leather and twin textile nylon on the inside lining. This faux leather is almost as durable as real leather and requires less maintenance. 

The rubber bungee cord is totally adjustable so you can set the elasticity of the speed bag to your liking and the speed bag stays centered using V-gravity technology so that it always returns to the same place ready for the next round.

Some customers have found that the straps can break, however, so you might want to be careful if you are setting them to be very tight. This speed bag is easy to install and comes with all the hardware included which is why it is slightly more expensive. 

But with everything you need to set it up in one order, we think the higher price tag is justified.


  • Durable material
  • Non-tear lining
  • Versatile for a range of exercises
  • Easy to set up
  • Can train different body parts
  • Can adjust rebound and movement


  • Only one size (37cm)
  • Straps can break
  • Some customers have had to replace the bladder

The only other problem some customers have had is that the bladder doesn’t seem to be as durable and might need replacing more often. Apart from these small complaints, this double end speedball is a very solid piece of equipment that offers a different kind of training than the other speed bags in this review.


6. MaxxMMA Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Beginners

MaxxMMA Speed Bag - Type II - Size L (10" x 7") The best speed bag for beginners is the MaxMMA Speed Bag. It comes in a larger 10x7 which is great for beginners who are still working on their aim. The rebound is also balanced and predictable so you can focus on speed and accuracy.

This speed bag is made from synthetic leather which means it might not be able to take on the heavy-duty use, as the genuine leather options in this speed bag review, but it is still durable and strong enough for beginners.

What’s more, synthetic leather requires less maintenance than real leather and can be easily wiped clean between sessions. Synthetic leather is also a cheaper material and makes this speed bag one of the more affordable options in this speed bag review. 

The downside is that it only comes in one color but aesthetics shouldn’t be too much of a let-down when you have a reliable piece of equipment.

This bag is designed to help you work on your hand-eye coordination and improve your rhythm whilst still being balanced and easy to control. 

The greater size and lower price make this the best speed bag for beginners and one of the best budget options in this speed bag review.


  • Affordable
  • Larger size for beginners
  • Well balanced for a predictable rebound
  • Synthetic leather


  • Only one color and size option
  • Not as durable

Although some customers have had problems with durability, this bag delivers what you can expect from a cheaper piece of equipment and is worth a try if you are just starting to get into boxing before you invest in a more long-term option.


7. Title Classic Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Most Affordable

Title Classic Speed Bag, Red, 5" x 8"

Another budget-friendly option is the Title Classic. Unlike the MaxxMMA however, this bag only comes in the smaller 5x8 and 6x9 sizes. This makes it better for advanced users than beginners, so if you are an advanced user but are still looking for something affordable, this could be the choice for you.

This lightweight bag is made from real leather with welted seams, making it durable and well balanced. Some customers have found that the rebound can be a little slow though which isn’t the best for working on your speed and accuracy. 

On the other hand, with a smaller target, you might be happy with a slower-moving bag.

The triple stitching and reinforced loop ensure that this bag will stand up to the pressure exerted by more advanced users despite the lower price tag. The only problem with the more basic design is that it can feel a little rough on the hands.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable leather and stitching
  • Extended life rubber bladder


  • Tougher on hands
  • Smaller than expected
  • No larger size for beginners
  • Only comes in red

Size-wise, some customers have also found that the actual size of the bag is smaller than expected making the target even more difficult to hit. But, if you are looking for advanced speed work training at a lower price, this could be the option for you.


8. Everlast Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best Budget

Everlast 4241 Leather Speed Bag (Medium) Available in two sizes, 9x6 and 10x7, Everlast is also a great option for beginners as the bigger bag provides a larger target. The balance accurate rebounder means that you can make your punches more accurate and build up rhythm and speed.

Although Everlast is a well-known brand and provides equipment at a reasonable price, some customers have had problems with the durability of this product. Many have found that the bladder can break easily which will need replacing if you want to continue using the product.

In spite of this weakness, the speed bag itself is made from real leather which should provide some durability. However, the seams aren’t as durable as desired so the bag can come apart. 

There are also holes at the bottom to allow you to inflate the bag when it loses air. This can be a bonus as it means you can pump the bag up for improved rebounds but many customers have found that it can lose air again quickly meaning you’ll have to keep pumping it up in-between sessions.


  • Two size options
  • Affordable
  • Balance accurate rebounds
  • Can re-fill when deflates
  • Real leather


  • Loses air quickly
  • Bladder is not as durable

Despite the minor issues with this speed bag, it is pretty cheap and would make a good speed bag for beginners or anyone shopping on a budget.


9. Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best in Durability

Venum Skintex Leather Speed Bag, Black/Ice, Large With an eye-catching black and wide logo design, the Venum Skintex looks pretty good but without real leather, can it be as durable as the other options in this speed bag review?

As far as synthetic leather goes, Skintex is a pretty durable material without the maintenance and conditioning required for real leather. This could be a benefit for beginners who aren’t particularly worried about exerting extreme pressure on their speed bag but want something that is easy to look after.

The balanced design delivers a good rebound, and the bladder is also long-lasting. The only complaints from customers are that the bag can deflate quickly and often needs to be inflated again after a day’s use.

The medium and large sizes do make this another good option for beginners, as the larger speed bags provide a much greater target and allow you to work on your precision. The lacing and seams are also strong reducing the risk of ripping or popping.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Long-lasting bladder
  • Balanced
  • Hand made in Thailand
  • Medium and large size options
  • Affordable


  • Some customers have found it can deflate quickly

Finally, this speed bag is handmade in Thailand and this quality manufacturing isn’t reflected in the price as it is still very affordable.


10. Ringside Heritage Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best in Style

Ringside Heritage Speed Bag For a thicker bag with a long-life span, as well as a cool vintage design, the Ringside Heritage Speed Bag does stand out from the rest in terms of style and is the best speed bag to buy if you want a really envious piece of equipment either for your home or gym. 

However, we’re wondering if design alone warrants a higher price tag or if this speed bag is really worth the money...

Luckily, the vintage design does have some practical benefits including the use of 100% cowhide leather. This material is more durable than synthetic leather but will need some conditioning and maintenance if you want to keep that eye-catching design looking it’s best.

The attractive design is only enhanced by the classic engraved logo. In terms of durability, this speed bag features triple stitched reinforced seams and a riveted swivel loop to ensure that both the body of the bag and the loop hold true for years to come. The riveted loop is especially helpful for heavy-duty users as you will want a mount that can hold up under heavy pressure.

With all of these design features, engineered to guarantee durability, the vintage design does seem to have some benefits. This speed bag comes in two sizes, the smallest of which being 5x8 which is perfect for more advanced users. 


  • Thick 100% cowhide leather
  • Durable
  • Triple reinforced seams
  • Vintage design


  • Expensive
  • Only smaller sizes

However, if you are new to using a speed bag, you might want to save your money and start out with a standard speed bag.


What Size Speed Bag Is Best?

Deciding what size speed bag is best for you can depend on your experience and your preference. 

You might want to develop your precision and coordination even as a beginner, but purchasing a speed bag that is too small for your level can hinder your training. 

If you are new to boxing, start out with a large bag around 12x10 inches. You can also try a medium-sized bag, and there are several options in this review if you are not sure about your ability. These bags will be between 9x6 and 10x7 inches. 

Lastly, for advanced users who really want to challenge themselves, there are small and extra small options.

What to Look For In A Good Speed Bag

The speed bags featured in this review all have specificities that make them high-quality products. If you are looking to buy a good speed bag, there are several things that you need to check to make sure that you are getting the best product. 


Depending on your preferences, you can purchase a speed bag in real leather or synthetic leather.

Classic Leather

For professional users, there are several real leather options in this speed bag review that are still affordable despite using such high-quality material. Real leather is more durable and will be able to cope with the added pressure exerted by professional users. 

The downside is that they do need more maintenance and conditioning to guarantee a longer life span.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather has come on a lot in the last few years and many speed bags made from this material are now almost as durable as real leather. They also don’t need conditioning or maintenance and can be quickly wiped clean after use, so if you are looking for a cheaper and hassle-free option go for synthetic leather.

Stitching: Hidden vs Reinforced

The stitching you are looking for can also depend on your preference. Some people might prefer hidden stitching which doesn’t get in the way, whereas others look for reinforced stitching, which is visible on the outside of the speed bag, to ensure durability.

The more traditional speed bags do have visible stitching and this can be a good thing as it shows that there is double or even triple stitching. This reinforced stitching is great for heavy-duty training as the bag is much less likely to burst. 

However, this stitching can throw off your rebounds and affect your rhythm if you end up making contact with the stitching by accident.

Hidden stitching solves this problem as these types of speed bags are smoother and don’t have any protruding stitching that can get in the way of your contact with the bag. However, they are also more likely to burst under heavy pressure so if you are a heavy-duty user, make sure you look for reinforced stitching to avoid a premature burst.

female boxer training on a speedbag

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Speed Bag?

If you are a professional boxer, you already know the importance of using a speed bag for regular training. But if you are new to boxing or just looking to buy a speed bag as part of your workout, you might be wondering what the specific benefits of using a speed bag are.

In case you are still not sure about it, read our review of the best punching bags to help you with decision making. We also have an article about free standing punch bag. These articles are comprehensive and full of facts and useful information that you can rely on.

And before we get further, don't forget to choose the best speed bag platform where you have to securely install your speed bag.

Hand-Eye Coordination

If you are training for boxing, precision; when you are striking, is one of the things you really need to work on. You can be as strong and as fast as you like but if you are not hitting your target then you’re just wasting your energy.

In addition to that, a double end speed bag is also one to consider for the same factors and even higher level of boxing skills. 

Using a small speed bag can really increase your precision and force you to work on your hand-eye coordination.

Similarly, if you are new to using a speed bag, working on your hand-eye coordination can have benefits in all aspects of your training and life. Improved hand-eye coordination can enhance your agility, athleticism, and balance which will help you in any workout or sport.

So here's a quick video to show you some tricks in using your speed bag: 


Of course, the main benefit of a speed bag is increased speed, as you can probably tell from the name. Although precision is very important, these bags are primarily used because their rebound is made to be predictable. 

This means that you don’t have to think about pivoting and predicting your opponent’s next moves and you can just focus on your own speed by repeating the same strikes as fast as possible.

Strength And Toning

For both boxers and anyone who just wants to build upper body strength or tone up their arms, speed bags are a great addition to your workout. The constant movement provides the same kind of cardio your legs get on a run but for your arms. 

On the other hand, a free-standing punch bag will get you moving all over which of course is great for strength and toning, too. 

This feels very different from regular weight training as the constant movement gets your arms burning much faster. Speed bags are also great for slimming down and toning the arms so if a leaner physique is what you are going for, a speed bag could be your new go-to piece of equipment for upper body workouts.

Which Is The Best Speed Bag For Me?

This speed bag review features options for all levels and purposes. But the best option for you will depend on what you are looking for specifically. Here we’ve given you a few ideas of which speed bag is the best for different needs.

Best For Beginners

The best speed bag for beginners is the MaxxMMA Speed Bag which comes in a larger 10x7 inches. It is also an affordable option which is ideal for beginners as buying a cheaper bag to start with gives you a chance to get a feel for the sport before cashing out on a high-quality speed bag, especially if you aren’t sure whether you will enjoy using it or not. 

This beginner’s bag will see you through your training for a while or until you are ready to move on to a more advanced and more durable option.

Best For Precision and Comfort

The Balazs Lazer Speed Bag is completely smooth with no protruding stitching. This is ideal for anyone who has sensitive hands and needs a soft smooth surface to practice on. 

It is also perfect for anyone who is working on their aim and precision as you won’t find any stitching getting in your way and throwing off your aim or affecting the rebound.

Best For Size

The best speed bag to buy if you are not sure which size to start with, or you’ll be using different sizes but want to stick to the same model, is the Cleto Reyes Speed Bag. These bags come in a range of sizes, from extra small to large, so you can work on your precision and move down through the sizes as your aim improves. 

Similarly, if you are buying for a gym and want all your speed bags to match, you can purchase a range of these speed bags in different sizes and cater to all levels from beginner to professional.

Best For Professionals

With reinforced stitching and heavy-duty leather material, the Pro Impact Speed Bag is the best for professionals as it can take on the extra pressure without ripping or bursting. It also comes in sizes as small as 5x7 so you can improve your precision even if you are used to hitting a small or moving target.


With all these speed bags to choose from, picking a stand-out winner was pretty difficult but for me, the TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag can’t be beaten.

Featuring a clever balancing gyroscope, the rebound and balance of this speed bag are far superior, meaning you can focus on your precision and speed without having to worry about an unpredictable speed bag. It comes in a few size options to suit each level and is made from high-quality real leather material which is durable enough for even heavy-duty use.

You couldn’t ask for much more from a speed bag. Give the TITLE speed bag a go, or any other option in this speed bag review, and take your training to the next level.

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