Top 8 Best Double End Bag Reviews: Punching Bags for All Experience Levels In Boxing & MMA

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Last Updated on February 25, 2021

Although you might think a double end bag is just for professional boxers, in reality, a double end bag is a useful piece of equipment for all levels.


Unlike a speed bag, these types of bags give you a more realistic boxing experience as you have a range of rebounds and target areas to enhance your hand-eye coordination and really hone in your skills.

In this double end bag review, we’ll take a look at the best products on the market and narrow down which is the best double end bag for you.

The 8 Best Double End Bags Reviewed

1. Ringside Double End Bag

Our Verdict: Best Overall

Made from real leather, the most durable and highest quality material for double end bags, the Ringside Double End Bag is one of the more reliable options. 

It is also the best all-round double end bag as it comes at a reasonable price while still being of professional quality. This combined with the three size options makes the Ringside a great pick for beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

You have the choice of a 5-, 7- or 9-inch bag with the 9-inch bag being the best option for beginners as it provides a bigger target to get you started. 

The classic bag and double-loop design make the target easier to hit and the rebounds are predictable enough for a beginner to practice with. The only problem is that the cords are not adjustable, so you won’t be able to alter the speed or intensity of your training. Some customers have also complained that these cords need replacing after a few rounds.

However, the cords and everything you need to set up your double end bag is all included so the good part is you can get started straight away. The loops also have triple reinforced stitching which makes this product even more durable. The ball itself can also easily be inflated and most customers were satisfied with the durable bladder.


  • Durable real leather
  • Easy to install
  • Cords included
  • Reasonable price
  • Triple reinforced stitching


  • Not adjustable
  • Some customers have found the cords can wear out quickly

Overall, this is a good product from a respected brand at a reasonable price, which is why we think it is worth your attention and is in first place in this double end bag review.


2. RDX Double End Speed Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Professionals

Almost as durable as real leather, the RDX double end speed bag is made from Maya Hide which is a very reliable fake leather. 

Maya Hide is a great choice of material as it is almost as durable as real leather but doesn’t require all the maintenance and upkeep. It also means that the bag is slightly more affordable than a genuine leather option.

As well as the durable Maya Hide leather, this double end bag features a heavy-duty nylon strap which is sure to keep the whole mechanism secure. Because of this, the RDX is the best double end bag for heavy-duty use in this review as the cords aren’t likely to give out under the extra pressure.

The rubber bungee cords also keep the bag balanced, returning to a central position after each punch so you can work on your speed from every angle without the rebounds messing up your rhythm. The twin textile shell layer is hard enough to be durable but still gentle on the hands so you can easily use this bag without gloves.

The kit also comes with four metal O rings and a tough PVC buckle. You will have everything you need to set up the bag in one kit except for a pump to inflate it. The downside is that this bag only comes in one size, 7-inches, which is ideal for intermediates and professionals but beginners might need a slightly bigger target to start off with.

What’s more, you can adjust the bag to your height, using the 48-inch adjustable straps, which makes it a great pick for taller or shorter users. Some customers have found that the cord can become loose because of this adjustable feature, however, so you will want to make sure that it is tight before you start each workout.


  • Heavy-duty Maya Hide leather
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Rubber bungee cords
  • Well balanced
  • Includes set up parts
  • Twin textile shell layer
  • Two-color choices


  • Straps can become loose
  • Only one size and no bigger option for beginners

Finally, you can easily replace the bladder if you need to as the bag has a larger bladder insertion opening at the top, which is cleverly positioned to make sure it does not get in the way of your workout. There is also the choice of two colors or designs, giving you a little more variety with this product.


3. TITLE Boxing Double End Bag

Our Verdict: Best Quality

Title Boxing Double End Bag, 9" Another all-leather option is the TITLE Boxing Double End bag.

This is another one of the best double end punching bags for heavy-duty use because of the durable material and reinforcements. It also features triple nylon stitching, to prevent any rips, and heavy-duty chrome O-rings on the top and bottom to secure the bag.

With all of these extra reinforcements, this bag is sure to stay together even against an advanced user. The only complaint that some customers have had is that the bladder can leak after a few uses. Luckily, the easy opening means that you can quickly replace the bladder in the event of a breakage.

TITLE is also a well-known brand in the boxing world so you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality piece of equipment at a reasonable price. This particular bag comes in three different colors and three different sizes, 6-, 7- and 9-inches, to suit beginners and advanced users.

Despite being made from tougher and more durable material, it is still soft on the hands preventing any damage to the skin even if you decide to train without gloves. This double end bag comes with two industrial rubber cables and S-hooks for hanging so you have everything you need to set it up in one handy kit.


  • Leather shell
  • Triple nylon stitching
  • Extra-long 3.5-inch twin ply leather straps
  • Comes with cables and S-hooks
  • Three colors
  • Three sizes
  • Soft surface


  • Some customers have had to replace the bladder
  • Not adjustable

The extra-long 3.5-inch twin ply leather attachment straps also mean that you can count on the straps not to break even under intense pressure. The only problem we can see with this is that the straps aren’t adjustable, so you can’t change the speed of the rebound, but this does mean that the bag stays secured so it isn’t a total loss.


4. MaxxMMA Double End Punching Bag Kit

Our Verdict: Beginner's Best

MaxxMMA Double End Striking Punching Bag Kit Although not the best option for professionals or heavy-duty use, the MaxxMMA double end punching bag kit is the best choice for beginners or anyone who just wants to add a bit of upper body cardio to their workout. 

The whole kit is easy to set up and comes with additional items like gloves so you’ll have everything you need to get started at no extra cost.

Of course, as this is not a professional quality set, it is not recommended for professional boxers. But, if you just want to get a workout set up quickly or even move it around your home, this set is incredibly easy to put together and won’t be doing any damage to your ceiling. 

It comes with a door mount and floor base, unlike many other double end bags, so it can be set up independently.

This also makes it the best double end punching bag for home use and still a good option for developing speed and accuracy. Unfortunately, some customers have complained that the balance is a bit off and the bag itself isn’t as durable as some options in this review. 

This is probably because it is made from synthetic leather instead of real leather like the other professional-quality options. The upside is that this does make it easier to maintain as you can just wipe the bag clean after training.


  • Everything for set up included
  • Easy to move around
  • Strong nylon stitching
  • Synthetic leather
  • Good for beginners


  • Only one size
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Some customers have complained balance is slightly off

The nylon stitching is also pretty strong which is a bonus for a beginner’s bag. The 9-inch diameter is ideal for beginners as it provides a bigger target. If you are just looking for a quick and easy set up to get you started with boxing or add some upper body cardio training to your workout, this is a good option.


5. TITLE Boxing Mexican Style Double End Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Upper Cut Training in Solo

If you are looking to practice your uppercuts and want a double end bag that resembles the head and body of your opponent, a Mexican style bag is the choice for you and TITLE is the best Mexican style double end bag on the market right now.

These types of double end bags are ideal for practicing uppercuts, jabs, and hooks as if you were with a partner or practicing with pads, but you can do all of this by yourself with this clever double end bag.

The only difference between this and a traditional double end bag is that it will move more slowly because of the added weight and greater size.

However, this does provide great practice and training to get you ready to take on an opponent and you can always use a traditional double end bag or speed bag to work on your speed. This bag is also made from genuine leather and has triple reinforced hooks so that you can be sure it will stay secured to your ceiling.

The rubber bungee cords and attachments are included so you’ll be able to set your bag up quickly and easily and get practicing in no time. What’s more, the cords are adjustable so you can decide whether you want a slower or a faster rebound.


  • Great for uppercuts
  • Real leather
  • Triple reinforced hooks
  • Reinforced nylon rope
  • Rubber bungee cords and attachments included
  • Adjustable


  • Some customers have found it doesn’t hold on to air well
  • Slower than a traditional double end bag

The only customer complaints are that this bag doesn’t seem to hold on to air very well and might need inflating often. The bladder could also be of better quality.


6. OPLIY Double End Bag

Our Verdict: Impressive Design Features

OPLIY Double End Ball, Leather Boxing Speed Ball with Pump Speed Dodge Ball Include 2pcs Ring Locking for Gym MMA Boxing Sports Punch BagA fairly new but popular addition to the market is the OPLIY Double End Bag. This bag has been recently updated with some impressive new design features. 

It is made with anti-leakage and anti-cracking technology, designed to give you a long-lasting product that can take on hardcore workouts. The durability comes from 2 layers of quality textiles and PU leather which together create a very solid piece of equipment. 

Despite the hardcore material, this bag is soft on the hands and uses anti-concussion technology so if the ball does end up rebounding to fast and catching you out, you won’t be left with any serious injuries.

In terms of the rebound, you can adjust the highly elasticated hanging ropes and extensions to your liking so you can have either a slow or fast rebound depending on your training.

Using different speeds is great for building hand-eye coordination and can help to prepare you for the real thing. These super-elastic ropes are included in the kit, along with a pump.

The pump is a good addition to the kit as the ball is designed to be inflated and deflated. When you are not using it, you can let the air out, making it easy to store, and quickly inflate it again whenever you need it. The only problem is some customers have found it to be difficult to inflate.


  • Super elastic rope
  • Adjustable
  • Durable PU leather
  • Can inflate and deflate
  • Versatile
  • Comes with pump and ropes


  • Some customers have had problems with inflating it again
  • Only one size

Aside from this minor issue, the OPLIY double end bag is a versatile option that can be used for MMA training, daily workouts, or anything else. It comes in two eye-catching colors, red and black, but only one size.


7. TITLE Infused Foam Double End Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Shock Absorption

Another option from the well-known brand TITLE is this infused foam double end bag. 

Tackling the problems that a lot of other bags in this double end bag review have with leaking air, this bag has a clever foam core that doesn’t let air escape. It also absorbs the pressure of your punches so you feel less impact.

Made with a durable leather shell, you can count on TITLE Infused Foam Double End Bag to hold up against hard punches, without feeling any pain yourself.

Not only does this bag absorb shock, it is also soft to the touch so you won’t scuff your knuckles or gloves. As well as this durable outer shell, the double end bag features triple nylon stitching and fully welted seams that prevent splitting.

The riveted security loops also keep the bag fixed to your ceiling without risk of knocking it down and the kit comes with two industrial rubber double end cables and S-hooks so you can get the bag secured and ready to go straight away.

This double end bag was designed to withstand constant training which is why the foam is a great idea as you won’t have to constantly inflate the bag. This makes it the best double end punching bag for anyone who is aiming to train daily and needs extra shock absorption. 


  • Bigger sizes are good for beginners
  • Shock absorption
  • Foam core
  • Soft and durable leather
  • Triple nylon stitching
  • Fully welted seams
  • Industrial rubber cables and S-hooks included
  • No air escaping


  • Harder to get a fast rebound as the foam is less firm
  • No bladder

It is also another good option for beginners as it comes in larger sizes of 9 and 11 inches although you might want to get used to the feel of an airbag before trying this one.


8. Pro Impact Double End Punching Bag

Our Verdict: Best for Hardcore Workout

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Double End Boxing Punching Bag - Speed Striking & Dodge Training Ball - Includes Cords & Hooks for Gym Workout MMA Muay Thai (Black White 9 Inch)Another good option for professionals is the Pro Impact

This 100% real leather bag will be able to keep up with a heavy training schedule and hardcore workouts. It also has a heavy-duty reinforced rubber bladder which means you won’t be having to replace the bladder as with some other options in this double end bag review.

As well as the reinforced bladder, this bag comes with reinforced loops so that you can attach it firmly to your ceiling at home and not worry about it flying off and doing any damage. The welded seams also prevent air loss and protect the bladder further.

The round design provides a rapid recoil and constant movement, making it almost as fast as a speed bag. Again, this is great for professionals if you want to work on timing and accuracy as you might even struggle to keep up with this bag.

Everything you need for set up should be included in the kit, such as bungee cords and S-hooks, however, some customers have complained that they didn’t receive all the necessary parts. Those who did receive the bungee cords also complained that they aren’t as durable as desired so you might need to invest in your own set of cords anyway.

Aside from these issues, this bag is solid construction and comes in both 7-inch and 9-inch sizes to suit beginners as well as professionals. 


  • Durable genuine leather
  • Heavy-duty bladder
  • Welted seams
  • Round or Mexican style options
  • Rapid recoil


  • Some customers complained that parts are missing
  • Bungee cords might not be as durable as desired

You also have a couple of color options to choose from and, interestingly, there is a Mexican style option as well so you can choose the shape that you prefer depending on the type of training you want to do.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Double End Bag?

If you are an experienced fighter or have just started getting into boxing, MMA, or kickboxing, a double end bag is really going to aid you in your training and there are many benefits to using one even as part of your normal workout. 

These bags are designed to stimulate head and body movements as you can practice a range of different techniques and hit the bag from different angles. You can practice your strikes, jabs, uppercuts, and hooks all with one piece of equipment, while improving hand-eye coordination, building upper body strength and to practice your rhythm.

The cords also allow you to adjust the speed of your rebounds, by tightening the cords you will have a faster rebound and be able to work on the speed of your punches. With looser cords, you can adjust your rhythm and work on your stamina.

female athlete training on a double end bag

What Is The Difference Between A Speed Bag And A Double End Bag?

The basic difference between a speed bag vs a double end bag is that the double end bag has cables that attach it to the ceiling and the floor whereas a speed bag is usually held up by installing it on a stand. 

As the name suggests, speed bags are generally made to improve your speed and will rebound in a predictable way so that you can continually punch the same target. This is a great upper body workout and a great way to build speed, especially when installed on a platform, but the predictability makes it very different from a real opponent.

Double-end bags on the other hand can swing in a lot of different directions depending on what technique you use and where you hit them. This simulates the movement of a real body much more effectively and allows you to work on all of the movements you will need when you’re in the ring. 

Despite the different angles, the bag still returns to a central point so you can work on your rhythm without losing your pace between strikes.

What To Look For In A Double End Bag

When selecting the best double end bags for this review, we focused on a few key details which guarantee a good quality bag. 

If you are looking for your own double end bag, here are the specifications you should be checking.


When it comes to the material used for the bag, there are a few different options. In this review, we have chosen bags made from real leather or synthetic leather as these are the strongest materials on offer.

Real vs Synthetic Leather

Real leather is stronger but requires maintenance and conditioning. What’s more, synthetic leather is developing to the point where many synthetic leather options, like Maya Hide, are almost as strong as real leather. Synthetic leather is also cheaper in general and can be simply wiped clean between sessions.


With any kind of punching bag or double end bag, the stitching is an important aspect when it comes to guaranteeing durability. 

Many of the bags in this review offer double or even triple reinforced stitching to prevent any cracks or splitting under pressure. If you are a heavyweight user, make sure you check out the quality of the stitching before buying.


The size you want will very much depend on your level. 

For professional users, you can go as small as the 5-inch diameter to really challenge your aim and precision. For beginners, we recommend bags with larger options such as 9-inches or even 11-inches while you are still working on your aim. 

Having a bag that is too small to start with can really put you off training when you lose your rhythm so start with a big target and try to hit the same spot with each strike to work on your precision before moving on to a smaller bag.


The rebound of your bag can actually be altered with adjustable cords. If you want to train with different rebound speeds, you will definitely need an adjustable bag. If you are just sticking to a predictable rebound you won’t need to adjust the cords and non-adjustable cords can sometimes be more reliable as they don’t loosen over time.

Foam Infused vs Air-Filled

The material inside the bag can also affect the rebound.

In this review, we have featured a foam infused option as well as air-filled. Air-filled bags have a bladder inside which balances the ball and allows it to rebound to the same spot, however, there can be problems with these bladders breaking and they may need replacing. 

With a foam infused bag, on the other hand, you can expect a slower rebound and a less resilient feel with each bounce.

How To Use A Double End Bag

There are several exercises you can do with a double end bag either to practice your technique or to just work on your general upper body strength. 

Try working with combinations of different punches to practice moving between blocking and attacking, this will help to prepare you for the real thing. These exercises are also a great way to get in some cardio and strength training and a lot more fun than running. 

Take a look at the video below for some ideas:

Which Double End Bag Is Best For Me?

Depending on your skill level and training style, this double end bag review has something for everyone. Yet, with so many options, how do you choose the best one for you? 

Here are some stand out features that might make choosing the best double end bag for you a little easier.

Best For Heavy Training And Professionals

You might be thinking that for heavy training and professionals, it's the punching bags review that you should be reading by now. It's not right to think of it that way.

If you are going to be exerting a lot of pressure on your double end bag, you want the strongest construction possible. This includes both the double end bag material and the material used to secure the bag and cables. 

The RDX Double End Speed Bag provides just that as it is a solid all over construction with Maya Hide leather and heavy-duty nylon straps.

Best For Beginners

The MaxxMMA Double End Punching Bag Kit is the best choice for beginners as it comes with everything you need to get started even if you have never tried boxing training before. The whole bag is very easy to set up and even comes with a basic pair of starter gloves if you don’t have any boxing gloves of your own. 

It also comes in a larger 9-inches so that you have a greater target to start building up your accuracy.

Best For Shock Absorption

If you have suffered from a wrist injury or just want a slower rebound in general, a foam infused bag can provide a totally different feel to an airbag. TITLE Infused Foam Double End Bag is a solid construction that won’t leave you with any pain thanks to the foam core. 

The rebound is also completely different so if you are looking for something to shake up your training this could be the best option for you.

white male ready for a match


There are many great double end punching bags in this review, but the stand out choice for me has to be the Ringside Double End Bag. With a variety of size options, this bag is a great option for both beginners and professionals. 

It is also made from durable real leather and provides an accurate rebound to train speed and accuracy effectively. All this comes at a reasonable price from a reliable boxing brand.

If you are not convinced by our top pick, have a look through this double end bag review and try out any of these fantastic options for yourself.

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