Best Speed Bag Platform Options Reviewed: Top 10 Picks With Quality Swivels & Drums

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Last Updated on May 15, 2021

Speed bag platforms are a crucial piece of equipment in every boxer’s gym, but funny enough people typically notice the speed bags themselves much more.

It’s not hard to see why. 

A boxer striking the speed bag in quick movements is a common sight in movies and boxing gym posters.


As a pro or amateur boxer, you probably know better...

In clear terms, a speed bag can’t stand on its own and will not rebound properly if it's mounted on a wobbly speed bag platform. This makes the platform key to the effectiveness of the speed bag.

To save you from or get you out of a similar issue, I’ve made a well-researched list of the 10 best speed bag platforms that can fit your budget and training type.

Check the value section for tips on how to choose the product that meets your needs.

Product Details
1. Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Toughest Build

  • 11"G Steel Frame
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Comes W/ Swivel
  • Fits All Drums
  • Adjustable
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2. XMark XM-2811

Built To Last

  • 11"G Steel Frame
  • Minimal Vibration
  • Oakwood Platform
  • Sturdy
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3. Valor Fitness CA-53

Old-School Look

  • 12"G Steel Frame
  • With Speedbag
  • With Swivel
  • CA-53 Adjustment
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4. Everlast Elite Speed Bag Platform


  • Hardwood Drum
  • With Swivel
  • With Speedbag
  • Affordable
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5. EZSpeedbag

Great For Beginners

  • Hard Plastic Drum
  • Lightweight
  • With Speedbag
  • With Swivel
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6. XMark XM-4441 Speed Bag Platform

15" Range Of Motion

  • 14"G Steel Frame
  • Hardwood Drum
  • Wall/Post Mount
  • 360° Swivel
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7. Title Boxing Speed Bag Platform

Quick Rebounds

  • Minimal Vibration
  • Very Thick Drum
  • 70Lbs Steel Frame
  • Flimsy Swivel
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8. Maxx MMA Speed Bag Platform

Pro Design

  • Synthetic Drum
  • Large Swivel
  • Durable
  • 34Lbs Frame
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9. Joe Fabo Speed Bag Platform

Lifetime Warranty

  • Sturdy
  • Quick To Install
  • Natural Wood
  • Adjustable
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10. RDX Speed Bag Kit

12-Piece Set

  • Full Accessories
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy To Install
  • Hard To Adjust
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The 10 Best Speed Bag Platforms Reviewed

1. Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

Our Verdict: Best Overall

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform - Knockout Red

It might come as a shocker to you that our best speed bag platform isn’t one of the big wig boxing brands. 

But, Balazs, a small family-owned brand, who’d hit the nail on the head producing a high-quality product like the i-Box.

The frame of the i-box is made from 11 gauge steel, which is the toughest in the fitness industry and typically used in sturdy power racks. This easily absorbs strong hits and reduces vibrations. Next, the drum is made with a 1-1/4” thick wood and is 24” wide.

One thing is for sure; this drum will support whatever size if speed bag you have.

However, a larger speed bag may make the platform vibrate a little bit, especially if it isn’t mounted to a concrete wall. Some customers added a 1 1/2” wood piece to the drum or placed a sandbag to make it rock solid.  

Adjustability is a key feature to look for in speed bag platforms, and you will find a good portion of it in this product. It can be adjusted within 12” and locked in place using its ergonomic knobs.

It also comes with a fairly quiet and easy to use swivel from Everlast. To be honest, it’s practically impossible to get a quiet swivel anywhere so this one is solid. 


  • Tough 11-gauge steel frame
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Three different colors - Red, Black, and Yellow
  • One size fits all drum – 24” diameter
  • 12” adjustment range of motion


  • The drum can be a little thicker

The availability of a variety of colors is another feature in the i-Box you won’t find easily, or at all really. It comes in black, red, and yellow. These colors have a glossy powder-coated finish that can last a lifetime.


2. XMark XM-2811

Our Verdict: Best Adjustability

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform XM-2811 The Xmark XM - 2811 is easily the best speed bag platform on the market after the i-Box. 

From the very first look, you know it’s durable and will last a lifetime. Its mounting frame is made of solid 11” gauge steel that does a good job of withstanding vibration.

The drum platform is made of 1 1/2” hardwood (oak) and measures 24” across. If you don’t fall for the top-notch finish, then knowing that it fits all speed bags would.

Although it remains stable most times, the drum might make little movement under a larger bag and faster strikes. If you are the type that likes perfection, you can place a sandbag or weighted objected on the drum, and it will stay firm.

Like the i-Box, the XM-2811 is easy to install, but to be on the safe side, get a partner, since they easily weigh over 40 pounds. This makes it hard to balance the platform on one hand while trying to screw it in place.

That said, you still have to mount it on a sturdy post or stud to make sure it is stable. 

Another elite feature in this speed bag platform is its adjustment setting. This makes it a good choice if you share your speed bag with other folks.  

On the other hand, its swivel might be an issue. Its ball bearing swivel is not the best you’d find around as it’s noisy and also rattles. You might have to consider buying a swivel separately for just under $30 if it will bother you.

Also, it is basically built for installation on wood, so if you want to use it on a concrete platform, you will need to buy the appropriate hardware for that.


  • Sturdy frame and mount
  • Adjustable height
  • 1 ½” hardwood drum with a nice-looking finish
  • Has a universal size with its 24” diameter drum
  • Suitable for even commercial gyms


  • Flimsy ball bearing swivel

Be that as it may, the XM-2811 remains a solid speed bag platform and definitely worth paying the extra dollar for if you want top-quality.


3. Valor Fitness CA-53

Our Verdict: Best Old-School Design

The Valor Fitness CA-53 looks like a piece of equipment from a century ago.

Despite its “old-school” design, the CA-53 is ironically easy to use, and you can also rest assured it will last you almost a lifetime.

It drifts from the frame style we see in most platforms, and it makes use of a thick 2” x 2” 12 gauge steel. It has a heavy-duty horizontal wall bracket and double mounting frame that attaches to the drum.

Its 12-inch gauge steel can be overlooked since Valor Fitness made it thick and heavy due to its extra materials. This might be a hit or miss depending on your preference.

For even better stability, its 2” thick drum is made from synthetic wood which both combines to give a platform that barely vibrates upon impact. Plus, it is 23” diameter across so that it will accommodate almost every speed bag.

The good thing about its heavy-duty build is that you will not necessarily need to place extra weight on the drum. However, you most definitely will need a hand while installing this beast.

The feature I cherish in the CA-53 is its adjustability settings. Its adjustment system is designed like an old-school water pipe control. The height can be adjusted to 12” using the wheel at the bottom of the frame.

What’s even better is that, unlike most elite speed bag platforms, it comes with Valor Fitness speed bag and a 360-degree rotating swivel. However, they are a bit flimsy, and you might need to buy them separately if you want a top-quality product.


  • Extra heavy-duty build
  • 2” synthetic wood drum
  • 12” adjustable range of motion
  • Easy to install but requires two people
  • Can be mounted on concrete or wood


  • Flimsy speed bag and swivel

Finally, the Valor Fitness CA-53 is well built, but some reviewers hope the speed bag is completely removed to shave a little off its price.


4. Everlast Elite Speed Bag Platform

Our Verdict: Best Value

Speed Bag Platform (EA) Everlast is one of the oldest boxing brands in the industry and is known for making excellent gear at affordable prices for over 100 years.

The Everlast Elite speed bag platform is no different, packing a lot of features for a fair price. It’s no surprise it’s one of the most sold speed bag platforms online.

The full package includes the platform, a 9” x 6” speed bag, and a professional swivel.

Now, the platform has a simple design, and its frame is made of hardwood rather than the steel we see in other top products. This is probably how Everlast manages to sell it at such a great price.

Also, the drum is 24” diameter, which is awesome but is only 1” thick. This will no doubt make the platform vibrate. So, you will have to put a heavy load (sandbag or box) on the drum.

The drum can be adjusted over just 8”, which is actually ideal for most people. But, most elite platforms offer over 10” range of motion.

The included speed bag and swivel aren’t top-of-the-line pieces of equipment either but do get the job done. Plus, it’s a very nice gesture from Everlast. If you aren’t a pro, you won’t take cognizance of the quality.

Everlast also seems to be cutting costs by not adding fasteners to bolt the platform, which is a little over the edge.

Despite the obvious drawbacks, the Everlast Elite speed bag platform will make a great buy for a beginner, intermediates, or buyers on a budget. Not so much for a professional athlete or user that pays attention to the minute details.


  • Very affordable
  • Quality construction
  • Adjustable
  • 24” drum fits all speed bags
  • Includes accessories – speed bag and swivel


  • No fasteners or hardware
  • 1” drum

Be that as it may, this platform fits any speed bag size, so once you are fine with placing a heavy load on it, it is good enough for any enthusiast on a budget.


5. EZSpeedbag

Our Verdict: Easiest Installation

EZspeedbag Portable Doorway Speed Bag Platform by ReaShape, the World's First Doorway Speed Bag Platform! Find us at

The key reason to opt for the EZSpeed is its easy installation and mobility. Perhaps, you only train hand-eye coordination on a speed bag for health issues or recreation.

So, if you are in the market for a heavy-duty product, you should look elsewhere.

The EZSpeedbag is built with hard plastic, which is light and surprisingly sturdy. This will make do for most beginners and recreational boxers, but a pro might look at it as a toy.

The key feature of this platform is its easy installation. 

First, its lightweight eliminates the need for a helping hand when putting it up. With that out of the way, it only takes a few minutes to fix it to a door, depending on your prowess with installing things.

It’s a good choice for people who travel periodically, college students, or even for daily use at home.


  • Fast and easy setup
  • Mounts in doorways instead of a wall
  • Surprisingly stable for its lightweight design
  • Comes with a speed bag and swivel


  • Not as stable as traditional platforms
  • Expensive compared to heavy-duty platforms

If you think it’s risky to buy, many speed bag platform reviews speak highly about this product.  Plus, EZ has one of the best customer service, in case you have any issues.


6. XMark XM-4441 Speed Bag Platform

Our Verdict: Biggest Range of Motion

The XM-4441 is a cheaper version of the XM-2811, and honestly, there aren’t many noticeable differences between them.

The platform is made with heavy gauge steel, but lighter than that of the XM-2811. More specifically, the former is 14 gauge, and the latter is 11 gauge steel. Yet, its frame is sturdy enough to reduce vibration and give better bag rebounds for most users.

The drum also has a glossy 1 1/2” hardwood, which is the quality you’ll find in most top-of-the-line SBPs. Plus, it’s 24” in diameter so that it will fit any speed bag. But, the wood finish is less glossy compared to the XM-2811.

Also, its wide range of adjustability is a big plus if you want to share the platform with a shorter or taller person. Its 15” range of motion is something you won’t find in even more expensive products. More so, the knob mechanism is easy to use.

The XM-4441 can be mounted to a wall or post and is easy to set up. Plus, it comes with the necessary hardware and a 360-degree swivel.


  • Sturdy build
  • 1 1/2” hardwood drum
  • 24” diameter drum fits all speed bags
  • Easy to adjust 15” range of motion


  • 14 gauge steel is a bit flimsy

In a wrap, this platform offers a lot for its price, and the main thing you are really giving up is the 11 gauge steel in the XM-2811.


7. Title Boxing Speed Bag Platform

Our Verdict: Most Heavy Duty

Title Boxing Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

This monster from Title Boxing is one of the most, if not the most heavily built speed bag platforms in this review.

Its heavy-duty steel frame makes it weigh over 70 pounds. This means you can be sure to use this equipment over a lifetime, giving you minimal vibrations and quick rebounds.

An impressive feature I like is its 2 1/4" wooden drum. This is the kind of thickness you won’t find in most speed bag platforms. It gives room for only little vibration that can be silenced with a sandbag or screwing the frame tighter in place. Plus its 24” diameter fits most speed bags.

It’s also easily adjustable for folks with several users in their gym. One thing though, is that unscrewing the four clamps for adjustment might take a minute or two.

The main issue with this platform is its installation manual. Though it might be easy to install for a handyman, the manual is disorderly and hard to understand. But, you get a wrench and necessary hardware to screw it in place if that helps.

One last issue is that it comes with a flimsy swivel. If you are the picky type, then you should consider ordering a quality swivel separately.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Very thick 2 1/4" diameter wood drum
  • Smooth 14” adjustment


  • Expensive
  • The adjustment mechanism consumes time

In conclusion, if you can look past the above slight issues of this platform, you can rest assured it will stay up for a long time.


8. Maxx MMA Speed Bag Platform

Our Verdict: Best Lightweight

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7") The Maxx MMA speed bag platform has a simplistic and professional design that will fit into most home gyms or even a commercial one.

Its frame is not your tough or heavy-duty steel but is pretty much sturdy and sure to last a long time of use. Plus, it weighs only about 34 pounds, which is quite light for the top level of durability it offers.

Also, it has a 1/2” thick synthetic drum that spreads across a 24” diameter. This is the kind of spec you’ll find in platforms that you’ll pay top dollar for.

Although, while this seems like a sturdy build, it will rattle under intense use. Quick fix: place a heavy load on the drum.

It also has an elite adjustment range of motion of up to 13”. However, a few customer reviews have indicated that the adjustment mechanism makes the platform wobbly.

One feature I like the most is not just the addition of accessories: a large 10” x 7” speed bag and a swivel. But, the fact that they aren’t the type of flimsy products that most other manufacturers include as accessories. 

However, an athlete or folk with boxing experience might still have to opt for separate accessories elsewhere.

A major drawback is the fact that this SBP doesn’t come with hardware (bolts) to screw It to a wall stud or post. In my opinion, Maxx could have easily just added a few screws if they could afford to include the speed bag and swivel.


  • Durable build
  • Not too heavy
  • Extra accessories: 10” X 7” speed bag and swivel
  • 1.5” thick synthetic wood drum
  • 24” diameter drum


  • No hardware for installation
  • Wobbly adjustment

In the end, this platform packs a ton of value for its price. If you can sum up the price to a round figure with a few extra dollars, you also get a pair of Muay Thai boxing gloves and a wood beam holder.


9. Joe Fabo Speed Bag Platform

Our Verdict: Best Doorway Style

Joe Fabo Doorframe Speedbag Deluxe (Brown Wood)

The drum is an inch thick and spread 24 inches across, which makes it compatible with a lot of speed bags. The natural wood material of the drum allows you to drill new holes to accommodate other bags, unlike other doorway-type SBPs.

Another useful feature of the Joe Fabo Speed Bag Platform is its adjustability to accommodate several users. 

The one major issue I’ve found in this platform is its stock speed bag.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adjustable
  • 1” thick natural wood drum
  • 24” diameter drum
  • Has extra accessories: speed bag and swivel


  • Expensive
  • Flimsy speed bag: too hard and slow to rebound

And before I forget, it comes with a speed bag and a Titan Pro boxing swivel.


10. RDX Speed Bag Kit

Our Verdict: Best for Beginners

The RDX kit is the #1 speed bag platform for a beginner or recreational boxer looking to get all the basic boxing training items.

It comes with a full package of most of the things you need to get a good workout at your home gym. The RDX speed bag package includes a pair of leather gel gloves, car gloves, hand wraps, a hand gripper, skipping rope, speed bag, and of course, the platform.

As you’d expect, the speed bag platform is not the most durable, and you’ll have to reinforce it to get any meaningful workout done. First, you have to mount it to a sturdy platform, then place sandbags on the drum.

Also, its adjustability setting is hard to use. The whole drum has to be removed and set at the desired height on the frame. So, it’s not the best for a home gym with several users.


  • 12 piece set of boxing items including the speed bag platform
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install


  • Flimsy construction
  • Will vibrate with reinforcement

Obviously, it’s not the best speed bag platform based on quality, but it’s a good choice for beginners who want only need a basic boxing equipment arsenal.


boxing training on a speedbag

Choosing The Right Speed Bag Platform For Your Home Gym

Frame Build

The whole essence of working on a speed bag is to get a balanced rhythm for hand-eye coordination, much like double end bags. Having said that, a speed bag review can help you decide which one is the best type for you.

But without a sturdy frame, and the swivels the drum will sway or vibrate, which will make the bag’s rebounding action uncoordinated. So don't forget to check our speed bag swivels reviews to help you choose which one is most suitable for your requirement.

So, don’t hesitate to pay top dollar for a speed bag platform with a well-constructed frame. 

In fact, most of them will actually cost you over a hundred dollars for the cost of good materials.

Drum Quality

The drum is the circular board structure you see in speed bag platforms. Most times, it is made of wood, but the quality varies across different brands.

A solid drum allows the speed bag to rebound in a fast, yet smooth movement and accommodates the speed bag on the platform. 

For your sake, you should opt for a product with a drum that’s at least 1 1/2" thick and made with some type of wood rather than plastic.

Plastic is a low-quality material but is better suited for kids or beginners on a budget.


To be honest, the cost of a speed bag platform is usually linked to the quality of its materials and features. 

Most times, the expensive products are of top-quality, and you are left to pick a choice based on your preference. They are usually guaranteed to serve you for a long time without breaking and most likely come with a warranty.

On the flip side, cheap platforms are usually a hit or miss with most of them having flimsy parts. 

Height Adjustment

This feature can be very defining if your home gym has multiple users or you intend to use the platform in a commercial gym. And this is actually the big difference between using speedbags and a free standing punching bags.

Typically, speed bag platforms come with adjustments in the range of 6” to 12”, but use different adjustment mechanisms. So, find one that is in your range and ensure its mechanism is one you can work with before you make the purchase.

However, if you don’t intend to share your speed bag, you can find non-adjustable platforms that are less expensive.

Note that cheap platforms that are adjustable are usually hard to adjust, despite the advertised range of motion.

Here's a quick video so you can gauge the height of the installed platform:


Try to ascertain if the speed bag platform you want to get can be assembled by one person or if its manual is easy to understand.

Sometimes, a platform can be easily assembled, but its sheer size will require you to find a partner to mount it to a wall or posts. Some platforms can weigh as much as 70 pounds.

Also, some platforms may have complicated manuals that you might not be able to understand unless you are naturally good with tools. This is something you should definitely watch out for, so you can put aside costs for hiring a handyman or forfeit buying the platform altogether.


Not all speed bag platforms come with added accessories like a speed bag, swivel or bolts, and screws. In fact, many elite platforms don’t come with a speed bag, but most, if not all, will provide a swivel and the necessary hardware for installation.

A free-standing punching bag can be a good option too, for your workout, without having to worry about accessories. Double-end bags is also a great option or even an addition to your collections.

Consider all the extra items a product provides, so you are not left stranded and buying extra components when putting up the platform.

How To Mount A Speed Bag Platform

If you find your product manual hard to comprehend, this brief guide is basically a summary of how to install any type of speed bag platform.

1. Get The Right Speed Bag Platform

Make sure you get a platform with a size that you alone can handle with one hand while mounting it. If not, you should get a partner to assist you whenever you decide to install the platform.

Also, confirm if the platform comes with the necessary hardware and accessories.

2. Get The Right Tools and Materials

To mount the platform, you need to have the right set of tools. This includes the right-sized:

  • Wrench
  • Brackets
  • Drill
  • Stud finder (if necessary)
  • Screws and bolts
  • Wood bars
3. Determine The Right Measurements

First off, you need to find a place where you can hang the platform that is high enough and spacious for free movement. For the best results, place the platform at least 5” above your head.

Next, mark the measurements of your speed bag platform on the wall or post. If you are attaching directly to a wall stud or drywall, locate the beams using a stud finder.

4. Add Planks for Reinforcement

To make the speed bag even more durable, install at least 1” x 4” lumber boards on the wall measurements you already made. This is usually more appreciated for heavier models.

5. Attach the Platform Frame

Carefully mount the frame of the speed bag platform on the spots you have marked. Also, be sure to align the frame properly to keep it from swaying. If necessary, drill holes other than the ones drilled by the manufacturer to keep it stable and well-aligned.

The frame keeps the platform stable and also the drum. If you don’t align it well, you will have to unmount and realign the frame to make the drum fit.

6. Attach the Speed Bag Drum

Attach the round board (drum) to the right spots on the frame and screw it firmly. This determines if your platform will vibrate or sway when you strike the speed bag.

7. Hang the Speed Bag

First, if not pre-attached, screw a swivel to the drum, then connect your speed bag to the hook.

Now you will be ready to roll!

Wrapping Up

In my opinion, Balazs i-Box is the best speed bag platform for the money.

Its frame is made with 11 gauge steel that is stable and can last a lifetime. Plus, its drum’s thickness gives a good rebound action and is compatible with all speed bags.

For better looks, it also comes in three different colors (red, yellow, and black), which is rare to find in other products.

If you don’t fancy this product, there’s a variety of speed bag platforms with different styles in this review that surely will.

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