Best BJJ And MMA Rash Guards Proven To Last: Top Market Trending Brands Reviewed

Last Updated on February 2, 2021

Quick fact: Rash guards were originally worn by surfboarders under wetsuits to prevent chafing the skin.

Now, rash guards have become a basic gear in BJJ, no-gi, and other MMA techniques like Muay Thai. The best BJJ rash guards aren't only great for preventing rashes and mat burns, but they also improve performance by keeping you warm and dry.

Sometimes, I even play basketball in one of my rashguards when it gets too hot outside.


How can you find the best rash guards for BJJ, you wonder?

Well, it's not so hard. And it only gets easier since you’re reading this especially when you find out why the Fuji Baseline Ranked Rash Guard got to be my personal favorite.

And after thorough research and recommendation of a few experts, I compiled some of the best rash guards for Jiu-Jitsu you can find online into this comprehensive guide.

Not to worry... 

Any mystery you might have on how to pick the best rash guard would be cleared on the way as well.

Let's go!

Top 8 Best BJJ And MMA Rash Guards Reviewed

1. Fuji Baseline Ranked Rash Guard - Overall Best BJJ Rash Guard

Fuji Baseline Ranked Jiu Jitsu Rashguard,Black,XL Fuji is a top MMA, judo, and Jiu-Jitsu brand that's dominated the entire industry for over 50 years.

They are the type of brand most experienced judokas and grapplers grow up accustomed to. Their Baseline Ranked rash guard shows evidence of this rich tradition.

It's a simple, durable, anti-microbial rash guard with only a small Fuji logo atop the chest. For starters, it's the perfect option for a fighter who dislikes the trendy or flashy BJJ rash guards.

The anti-microbial fabric is sleek and of great construction. You won't find any loose seams and it's sure going to take a beating before it gives out. The Fuji graphics on the chest is also fully sublimated so you don't risk having it come off or crack after a few washes.

But sizing can be a bit tricky. It runs small and you might order a size up or two to get the right fit.

The underarm is made of soft panels that ease movement of the arms. It prevents the usual cramping we've seen around the armpit of many rash guards and shirts.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Antimicrobial
  • Affordable
  • Simple, minimalist design
  • IBJJF certified colors
  • Stretchy


  • Runs a little small


The Fuji Baseline Ranked is a great option for a regular fighter with minimalist taste in design.


2. Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard - Best Rash Guard for MMA

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Rashguard - Camo Long Sleeve Rash Guard Compression Shirt for No-Gi, Gi, MMA (Black Camo, XL)

Gold BJJ is another reputable BJJ brand with a quality lineup of products. Also worth mentioning is that they sell BJJ soaps that help fighters stay clean and fresh on the mat.

To the order of the day, the Gold BJJ Camo rash guard is made especially for no-gi. The camo pattern across the arm is fully sublimated. It’s also used to crest Gold's logo to the chest.

This rash guard is available in either long sleeve or short sleeve with either a black or white torso. Speaking of which, the torso has a slightly extended trim that would prevent inconvenient roll-ups.

Even better, its stitching is smooth and tailor-perfect. There haven't been complaints of it coming loose or ripping easily. If that ever happens, they have a great customer care service that makes returns easy.

Not to forget, it has mesh underarms which is a great feature. It allows some breathability

As regards its sizing, it's almost true to size. The arms would fit folks with long limbs but un-matching weight who have to order small. If you're thickset, you may have to order a size up.


  • Supreme fabric quality
  • Good bang for your buck
  • Mesh armpits for breathability
  • Snug fit and perfect for tall guys
  • Available in white and black


  • Not the most affordable option
  • Limited color options for IBJJF tournaments


It's the perfect rash guard for no-gi Jiu-Jitsu training, but not so great for competitions.


3. Hayabusa Metaru Rash Guard - Deluxe Rash Guard for BJJ

Hayabusa Metaru Long Sleeve Jiu Jitsu Rashguard - Grey, Small

The Hayabusa Metaru is easily one of the best rash guards for BJJ. And maybe even the best, if it were a little cheaper.

Hardly would you find a fighter who wouldn't like Metaru's aesthetics. It's not only the simple yet classy graphics and logo emblazoned over the shirt. But the fabric itself is also something of an eye-pleaser.

And it's no surprise. The shirt is made with a unique combo of elastane and polyesters. What's more, it has a silicone banding on the hem that lets the rash guard stay firm during rolls.

Perhaps a possible deal-breaker is its advanced compression fit. It's a great innovation that helps improve muscle function and regulate body temperature.

On the downside, it can easily become too tight with a slight mistake in sizing. So you may have to order two sizes up if you don't want a body-hugging fit. And keep the tag on in case you have to return it.

With that said, it's a remarkable rash guard for both training and competition. There are colors for green, blue, red, and black belters.


  • Regulates body temperature to a point
  • Astonishing aesthetics
  • Keeps optimum muscle function
  • Durable
  • Branded silicone at the hem to prevent roll-ups


  • Expensive
  • Runs small


If you're in search of a high-end rash guard for BJJ or MMA training and competitions, Hayabusa Metaru would serve you for years to come.


4. Tatami Fightwear Gentle Panda - Best Animated Rash Guard for BJJ

Tatami Fightwear Gentle Panda Rashguard - Medium - Black/White

Tatami is a powerhouse MMA brand, particularly for its stylish, animated rash guards.

Aside from the plethora of eye-catching designs in their inventory, they're also known to last long. This sets them apart from knock-off brands with designs that chip off after a few washes even after claiming it’s “fully sublimated”.

In fact, Tatami simply conceits that they make it with "the usual high-quality material." Put simply, it's made of hard-wearing polyester and spandex.

The gentle panda design depicts a Jiu-Jitsu panda attacked by voracious little monkeys. But they are no match for him as he sits unruffled, and chewing on a bamboo stick. 

Tatami seems to have a more accurate fit than most other brands in this review. Perhaps because the sleeves of the rashie are wide, so it won't restrict the arm as long as you’re in the right weight category.


  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Artwork won’t wear easily
  • Relatively thicker fabric
  • Wide sleeves


  • It's pricey


For anyone that loves artful designs on their shirts, the Gentle Panda rash from Tatami might be all you need.

The artistic animation with its superior quality would justify your investment in the long run.


5. Sanabul Essentials Rash Guard - Best Low-Priced BJJ Rash Guard

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Base Layer Rash Guard (Medium, White)

Sanabul Essentials is another reputable brand, but one known for their affordable merchandise. It's no doubt one of the cheapest quality BJJ rash guards you can find, that’s also IBJJF certified.

This rash guard would be better suited for beginners and for wearing under a gi. Simply put, the build may not hold up to tough use.

As always, Sanabul offers features that make "yes" the only option for its price. First off, the rashie has an oversized mesh (ventilated) underarm.

Also, you can pick from a plethora of colors that match your belt ranking for competitions. They even added UV SPF 50 protection to allow you to wear it out on the beach as the original rashie surfers wore.


  • Inexpensive option
  • 6 IBJJF certified colors
  • Long and short sleeve option
  • Popular choice


  • Not durable enough for intense use (pros and semi-pros)


If you are looking for a simple, cheap rashie to start out your BJJ journey, this one fits the bill.


6. Quiksilver All Time Rashguard - Most Versatile

Quiksilver Men's All Time Long Sleeve Surf Tee Rashguard, Hawaiian Ocean2/Black2, X-Small

For the cool dudes that hit the dojo during the week and surf on weekends, an amphibious rash guard would be nice. 

And I can't think of a better option than the All Time rashie from Quiksilver. It's just hard to wrap my head around how they are a legendary surfing apparel line.

Right off the bat, you can tell it's polyester material that would hold up to countless hardcore grappling sessions.

The bold look of the colors and logo on the fabric sits well in a group of surfers or BJJ fighters. Of course, with a slight edge on the surfing side. It has UV protection to prevent sunburn when you are out on the beach instead of grappling. 

It's lightweight so movement is unhindered when it's soaked in sweat or saltwater. Even better, it dries super fast but would keep you warm enough not to go cold.

In short, it's sweat-wicking feature is phenomenal.

On the other hand, it's truer to size than most BJJ rash guards I've come across. But go a size up if you prefer a loose-fitting form.

The only downside I've seen is it keeps stains. And this can be a nightmare in every type of MMA for obvious reasons. So I'd recommend going for the all-black color option.


  • Amphibious rashie for fighting, surfing, and snorkeling
  • Sun protection
  • Fast sweat-wicking
  • Lasts long


  • Some complaints about loose stitching
  • Keeps stains


This is easily the best MMA rash guard you can also wear to the beach, in the waves, or snorkeling under the ocean. There may be better options, but the value and price hit a sweet spot.


7. Venum Gladiator 3.0 Rash Guard - Most Impressively Designed

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Long Sleeve Rashguard - Black/White - M, Medium

Venum is another leading MMA apparel and accessories brand based out of France.

Their Gladiator 3.0 rashie is a popular line from their impressive collection that honors fallen Roman gladiators. So, you better be ready to leave up to its name.

Its stretchy, tough polyester fabric has an athletic cut that accentuates the muscles. This, coupled with Venum "compression technology,” improves blood circulation and speeds up recovery.

Typically, this means it keeps you cool, yet warm by dispersing sweat quickly. Also, the fabric dries sweat fast.

As you'd expect from a premium BJJ rash guard, the design print is fully sublimated. So it won't peel off or crack after a few washes.

Lastly, a silicone band at the end of the shirt helps give a tighter fit. In short, you can expect not to have your belly out while sparring. But it won't work effectively if you don't have the right size.

If you're thickset or muscular, you may have to go two sizes up to get a good fit.


  • Thick, long-lasting fabric
  • Design won't peel or crack in a long time
  • Inner waistband prevents slip-ups
  • Superb stitching workmanship


  • Expensive


This is another impressively designed rash guard for folks who love the trend. It's sure to last, functional, and comes at a price you must pay to enjoy the best.


8. Fanii Quare Training Rash Guard - Cheapest Option

Fanii Quare Men's Soft Slim Long Sleeve Dry-Fit Compression Gym Trainning Shirt Black 01 XL

As much as I don't like the cheap rash guards, I can make an exception with this Fanii Quare rash guard (compression shirt).

First off, it's not as durable as the big name brands or others in this review. Anyway, it only makes it better. The soft fabric is incredibly comfy and dries fast after it’s soaked in sweat.

Still, it's not soft in a way that it'd tear easily while rolling.

On the bright side, you have a bunch of arms designs you can pick as you like. If it had better overall quality, it'd sell out fast as one the best Jiu-Jitsu rash guards for women.

Only thing is, it bleeds and would only last maybe a few months.

Somehow, you get a truer to size fit -  better than many expensive rash guards. One advice: still go a size up just to be sure.


  • Dirt cheap
  • Over thirty designs available
  • Soft and light fabric
  • Dries fast


  • Color bleeds
  • Can only be hand washed


This is a cheap rash guard, no doubt, and I'll only recommend it to anyone who's fascinated by the plethora of designs.


Why Wear A Rash Guard For BJJ Or MMA?

During training wearing rash guards

It's easy to throw on an old t-shirt rather than make the leap to buy a rash guard. I've seen some BJJ guys train for almost a decade before getting their first rash guard. Then beam with satisfaction and surprise like they never knew about it. 

Since you are here, you should know what you can gain from wearing a rash over your old t-shirts for training. 

Spoiler alert: it won’t give a metaphysical boost to your skills. Now, if we talk about shoes and it is one of the best shoes for MMA training, then definitely, it'll make a difference to your performance.

No Roll-Ups

Imagine pulling down your shirt every time you make a move because it keeps riding up your belly.

Trust me, it’s annoying. Even if you don't mind your shirt in its rumpled state, you risk infections from having direct contact with your opponent or even the mat.

It's not exactly that bad like you’d contract a virus if you touch your opponent’s sweat. But if you'd be training week in, week out, that puts the risks of infection higher.

But when you tuck in or wear a quality rash guard, it's stretch and longer waist resists the constant pull. Essentially, it’s much more comfortable.

Enjoy Animated Graphics

BJJ and MMA rash guards are known for their animative, flashy graphics. I've heard a guy in the gym say the imposing gorilla imprinted on the chest of his rash guard makes him feel "good" about himself.

Of course, you may not be that guy, and just have a thing for the design on rashies. Plus, the hugging fit of a rash guard makes animations surreal.

Moisture Wicking

In an intense grappling session, it won’t be long before a gi gets soaked. Sometimes, the sweat leaves a hanging odor on the gi that would make you uncomfortable.

A moisture-wicking rash guard would soak it up and dry soon enough. When you wear a t-shirt under your gi, you'd still have sweat pouring down your body.

This can make your arms too slippery to pull off submission moves. Or irritating, to you or your opponent to have a sweat-slapped face.

On another hand, rashies can keep you warm when training on winter days. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Rashguard For BJJ And MMA

Brand Does Matter

It’s easy to fall prey to knock-off brands that would entice you with insanely cheap prices. But you don't have to splurge either to get a quality rash guard.

Skimping can be the worst decision you'd make. If you're unlucky, the rash guard could come loose or have its logo come off on the first wash. Otherwise, you may get away with only dye bleeding on your gi or the dojo mat.

Name brands are usually up to the mark, though some are quite overpriced.

Any reputable brand would have rash guards that can last as long as a year; and their shirts last months or a couple of years. And they cost no more than $20-$50 for the most part.

Some of the notable brands are Venum, UA, Manto, Rupture, Fuji, Nike, Cageside, the Hayabusa long sleeve rashguard, and many more. You'd also find more valuable options in the product recommendations as well.

Training and Competition Openings

Rashies are known to have so many amazing graphics and animations. If you want to feel like a fierce silverback gorilla or a gladiator from the Roman empire, you’d be covered.

However, the design you wear in competitions is limited to its compatibility with IBJJF rules, but you can wear anything you like on training days. 

All you need is to make sure 10% of the fabric/design has a matching color with your belt grade.

Arms Length

Rash guards are either short or long-sleeved. Personally, I prefer the long-sleeved ones, especially for no-gi BJJ. It covers the arm up to wrists, leaving little room for ringworm, or bacterial infections. And it keeps me warmed up.

Short sleeves, on the other hand, aren't exactly "bad." In fact, I'll recommend getting both. Wearing a long-sleeved rash guard on some hot summer days can quickly become uncomfortable. 

All in all, it depends on what you prefer. 

Choosing The Right Fit

Sizing is one place the reputation of the brand matters. Are their rash guards true to size? Will they accept returns if they don’t fit? 

It’s not uncommon to have a rash guard delivered in a smaller size than you imagined. But known brands would accept returns and offer responsive customer service.

With a bit of research from reviews, observe if their rashies generally have a loose or tight fit. This way, you can pick based on your body type. For instance, if you're short and robust, or tall and lanky.

Depending on which size you are, you can decide if you have to order size, up or down. As a rule of thumb, order a size up, especially if you’re a big guy, say over 180 pounds.

Now after I've said everything in this review, let's go watch on video what the real thing looks like, in visual details.

Wrapping Up

Found the best MMA rash guard for training or competition yet?

Decide what arm length you want. Ask yourself if you'd prefer rolling in a plain or animated rashie. More importantly, does it suit your budget?

If you’re still undecided, try the Fuji Baseline Ranked rash guard. It's a plain, hard-wearing, and an affordable rashie. The long sleeve arm would also limit the possibilities of getting skin infections. 

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