Best Hayabusa Rashguard: Review Of The Most Popularly Worn Brand

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Last Updated on February 16, 2021

As an MMA fighter, you will find much use for rashguard shirts. These are designed specifically to protect you against muscle traumas, keep your body perfectly relaxed, and preventing your core temperature from plummeting.


These shirts are a quintessential piece of equipment not only in MMA and similar fighting sports but also in activities like snowboarding and water-skating.

It is because of their many merits that they have found such widespread use, and in this article, I will unveil some of the best Hayabusa rashguard shirts available in the market.

My personal favorite is the Hayabusa Haburi Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt, but you’ve got other options too.

Most Popular Hayabusa Rashguards Reviewed

1. Hayabusa Haburi Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt – Best Overall

Hayabusa Haburi Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt, White, Small The Hayabusa Haburi Long-Sleeve Rashguard is meant to act like a ‘second skin,’ as one user described it. All flattery aside, the Haburi is indeed a product to marvel at and performs excellently for holding onto residual body heat, supporting your muscles, and defending against pathogens.

Although this rashguard offers impressive protection against several threats, it does not hamper movement or performance at all. You will be able to play out your matches just as you did before getting your hands on this shirt, only safer.

Lastly, the shirt is tough and will last for years if taken proper care of, owing to its fiber-fused design.


  • Protects against bacterial and fungal infections
  • Prevents the loss of body heat
  • Protects against rashes and other injuries
  • The fabric is very durable
  • Does not interfere with the joint movements


  • It is available in only two color options


The Haburi not only features an iconic design but also delivers excellently performance-wise, it is easily among the best Hayabusa long sleeve rashguards.


2. Hayabusa Haburi Short Sleeve Rashguard Shirt – Best Short-Sleeved

Hayabusa Haburi Short Sleeve Rashguard Shirt, Black, X-Large

If you’re looking for a decent short sleeve option that offers the same level of excellence as the aforementioned, then make the Hayabusa Haburi Short Sleeve Rashguard Shirt your choice.

Featuring the same tough and durable fabric, this Hayabusa short-sleeve rashguard is perfect for MMA and BJJ fighters.

Not only will it prevent the loss of body heat but will also protect you against infections like ringworm (a fungal infestation). Moreover, you won’t feel any friction or resistance in your movements, it is as if it were a part of your body.


  • It is perfectly tight but not restrictive in the least
  • It is washer-friendly and hence you don’t have to worry about odor buildup
  • It will protect you against fungal and bacterial (surface) infections
  • The fabric is tough and durable


  • You don’t get many color options


The Hayabusa Haburi Short Sleeve Rashguard Shirt is perfect for MMA and BJJ fighters, it addresses all problems associated with the type of fighting sports and does not cause any discomfort.


3. Hayabusa Showdown Short Sleeve Rashguard – Best Budget Option

Hayabusa Showdown Short Sleeve Rash Guard, White/Red, Small The last entry on these Hayabusa rashguard reviews is the Showdown, a product named aptly to reflect its true purpose. It may not be significantly cheaper than the two options mentioned so far but it does come at a lower price.

Also, it does not fail to impress performance-wise and in terms of durability. Instead, it offers comparable results when paralleled against the previous two options. My favorite part about this shirt is its elaborate and stimulating design.


  • The shirt is highly flexible and tight
  • It is completely non-restrictive
  • The design is visually appealing
  • Protects against surface infections


  • Only available in a single design


The Hayabusa Showdown Short Sleeve Rashguard may not be all that cheap when compared to its cousins but does offer some very impressive features for a lower price.


What To Look For When Buying Rashguard Shirts?

The aforementioned Hayabusa rashguard reviews are only one half of the story. It is one thing to browse through some iconic models available in the market and a completely different thing to explore your options with an analytical approach.

In this section, I will share with you some tips on buying a rashguard so that you get a product worthy of its price tag:

Long Sleeves Or Short Sleeves?

Generally, in colder areas, long sleeves rashguards are the one to go for, while short sleeve variants are better suited for summers. Also, another important thing to factor in is whether you’re going to wear a Gi above the rashguard or not?

You can’t go wrong with either choice in this area as most BJJ and MMA schools will train you indoors.

Choosing The Appropriate Size

This is another important but often overlooked component. Make sure that you know the exact measurements for a product rather than vague sizing info such as: ‘small’ or ‘large.’ By being specific, you will avoid sizing issues.

Same as when you want to choose the best martial arts shoes, the pair has to fit comfortably and not only because it's a famous brand. Believe me, having the right fit of shoes, rashguard, or any other type of outfit greatly affects your performance positively. And of course, you'd want that! 😉

Fabric Quality

A rashguard’s basic duty is to protect you against bodily harm.

Therefore, you must ensure that your rashguard is made up of high-quality fabric that will last and withstand rough treatment. Don’t cheap out on quality and instead invest in something that will get you by for a considerable time.

Do Looks Matter?

More and more players are shifting towards a Gi-less attire for MMA and BJJ. If that’s how you want to proceed then it’s fine but you will need a good-looking rashguard shirt that reflects your fighting excellence, not something that will get you laughed at. 

There are a ton of different brands that claim to be the best BJJ and MMA rash guard - each of them can be true to what they're saying based on the features they talk about, but it'll be best for you to always check before buying.

That’s pretty much it from my side.

Before we wrap things up, here is a super-helpful YouTube video about quintessential hygiene tips for Jiu-Jitsu and MMA:

Bottom Line

Hayabusa has presented some of the most iconic and high-performing rashguards for MMA and BJJ fighters to us. Their products, especially those mentioned above, are not only designed immaculately but also deliver perfectly performance-wise.

The Haburi is my favorite Hayabusa long sleeve rashguard shirt but I won’t blame you if you resonated with another product. Just remember to weigh any product against the points I highlighted in the preceding section to make a smart purchase.

I’ll catch you with the next one and until then, stay safe but give ‘em hell.


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