Best Muay Thai Boxing Shorts: Tips, Pros & Cons To Consider Before Buying Your Pair

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Last Updated on January 13, 2021

You might think that you can throw on any old pair of shorts for Muay Thai training but you would be mistaken. 

In reality... 

Muay Thai shorts are designed for greater freedom and with quick cooling material to keep you feeling fresh making them much better than your old gym shorts.

Not to mention, they look awesome in the ring and make you stand out as a fighter with your own unique style. Let’s take a look at the best Muay Thai shorts out there.

1. Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

Our Verdict: Best Overall

With over 30 eye-catching designs and sizes from X-small to 3L, these Muay Thai shorts were created to suit any customer.

Made in Thailand, they are professional quality featuring comfortable and breathable Satin material.  The material is long-lasting making them some of the best Muay Thai around, as well as the best kickboxing shorts as they can really take a beating.

Fairtex is a well-recognized brand in the Muay Thai world which means that you can depend on them for quality pieces of clothing and equipment. The sizing chart also makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you.

Despite the high-quality material, some customers have had issues with the detailing and design features coming off in the wash so if you really want to keep the style and color vibrant, you might want to consider hand washing these shorts.


  • Easy to find the right fit
  • Comfortable and breathable design
  • High-quality satin material
  • Over 30 designs to choose from


  • Detailing can come off in a machine wash

These are some of the best Muay Thai shorts on the market right now. If you are looking for a reliable and comfortable pair, you can trust this well-known brand. 


2. Top King Boxing Shorts

Our Verdict: Best in Retro Designs

Made from 100% Polyester Satin, which makes them both durable and comfortable, these Muay Thai shorts from Top King also come in a range of color and style choices to suit you.

Sizes range from small to 4L making these the best Muay Thai shorts for heavy weights. The perfect size is easy to find as the size chart details the waist measurements and outseam for each size.

Top King is also a very popular brand among kickboxing and Muay Thai fighters and, as well as popular Muay Thai designs, they also have some unique retro looks which you won’t get with other brands so I would definitely recommend checking out all their styles.

The only issue is they haven’t come out with many new designs so you might not find more modern looks.

Another problem that some customers have had is with the sizing, which often comes out smaller than expected. Make sure you take your measurements carefully before buying.


  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Well-known brand
  • Range of designs and sizes


  • Sizes come out smaller than expected
  • Not many modern designs

For a retro look and some classic Muay Thai designs, Tom King Boxing provides a range of interesting styles. The only issue people have had is with the sizing which can be a bit off.


3. Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Our Verdict: Best Wide fit

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Shorts (Red Bull 3L)

Thes Twins Special wide fit shorts also come in a range of bright colors and sizes from small to 4L. They are made from 100% polyester satin which is a popular material among Muay Thai shorts and is easy to wash.

Although there are plenty of sizes to choose from, a few people have found that the sizing chart can be difficult to figure out which means that you might either get a very snug fit or far too loose shorts.

With this wider style, you’ll get plenty of ventilation but you don’t want them feeling too loose during a fight. Nevertheless, these are some of the best Muay Thai shorts for a wide fit.

The good thing is the styles are pretty unique and you have a range of choices that really stand out including a cool red bull design. Twins supply a range of boxing and Muay Thai equipment and you can trust them for high-quality design.

Again, some customers found that their shorts were smaller than expected which inhibits movement. A good idea is to get a couple of sizes to try so you find the perfect fit.


  • Durable material
  • Wide fit and range of sizes
  • Cool and unique styles


Can feel tighter than expected

These are the best Muay Thai shorts if you are looking for a wide fit and better ventilation. Just make sure that you get the sizing right so you don’t end up with a pair that are too small and tight.


4. YOKKAO Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Our Verdict: Best Lightweight Material

YOKKAO Muay Thai Boxing Shorts, Many Styles & Colors With a huge selection of styles and colors, YOKKAO offers some pretty diverse wide shorts. They also come in sizes from X-small to X-large and the elastic closure ensures that they stay tight around the waist which is great for smaller users.

Made from quality yellow satin and with high-grade embroidery they are super lightweight and reliable. They also feature side slits for ventilation and flexibility so you can move around your opponent quickly.

These are a great pair of shorter Muay Thai shorts if you prefer a short cut for movement. However, you might want to wear something protective underneath to protect your legs during kickboxing.

Hand made in Thailand, these are certainly a professional quality pair of shorts and they are a pretty good pick for kickboxing as well as Muay Thai as long as you don’t mind leaving your thighs more exposed. Another good point, in my opinion, is that all of their shorts are really stylish so if aesthetics is a big selling point, these might be the best Muay Thai shorts for you.


  • Range of stylish designs
  • High-quality satin
  • Hand made in Thailand


  • The short style leaves thighs exposed

If a short style is for you and you love unique designs, these shorts offer a range of different patterns and colors for you to choose from and the material is both lightweight and reliable.


5. Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts

Our Verdict: Best Hand Made Shorts

Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts, Black/Neo Yellow, Medium

Made from 100% polyester, these Muay Thai shorts are durable but require handwashing only which is pretty common with this kind of fabric.

The hand-sewn embroidery of Venum Inferno makes these Muay Thai shorts pretty special, but you will want to treat them with care when you’re not in the ring. The wide elastic waist also makes them comfortable and provides support for sizes from small to X-large.

For increased mobility, they feature side vents which also increase ventilation and keep you cool during a hard-core session. Being entirely hand-made in Thailand, these shorts feature everything a good pair of Muay Thai shorts should.

The only issue is that they don’t feature so many designs and colors as Venum are sticking to their own logo and yellow, black, or white coloring. Other than that, customers are pretty pleased with fit and quality and I really can’t see a lot to complain about with these shorts. They are also some of the best Muay Thai shorts for a short fit. This style is great for movement and keeping cool in hotter climates.


  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Durable material
  • Increased ventilation and comfort


  • Not a great choice of designs

If looks aren’t your first priority, these are a very well-made pair of Muay Thai shorts that you can depend on.


6. Tuff Sport Women’s Boxing Muay Thai Shorts

Our Verdict: Best for Women

Tuff Muay Thai Shorts TUF-MS617-PNK-M These are the best kickboxing and Muay Thai shorts for women because of the fitted design which clings to the waist.

Made from micro fabric, they are easy to wash and quick-drying which means they stay fresh during a sweaty kickboxing session. The funky bird designs also feature a range of eye-catching colors for every style.

Based in Thailand, these manufacturers have the fighting knowledge to make the best kickboxing shorts around. What’s more, Tuff Sport Women's Muay Thai Shorts' style is really unlike anything else on the market right now so you’ll be sure to stand out whether you are just training at the gym or fighting professionally.

They provide a short fit for a greater range of movement and ventilation. The only issue is some women have found they can be a bit snug, especially if you have more developed thighs and glutes, but the snug fit is great for versatile movements involved in Muay Thai.


  • Nice style and design
  • Best Muay Thai shorts for women
  • Easy to wash material
  • Made in Thailand


  • Can feel too tight on bulkier thighs

The tight fit of these shorts is ideal for women who might struggle to find their ideal size in other Muay Thai shorts. They are also eye-catching and reasonably priced so you can’t complain.


7. Anthem Athletics 50/50 Muay Thai Shorts

Our Verdict: Best Budget Buy

Another great option for both Muay Thai and kickboxing are these shorts from Anthem Athletics. They come in a few different styles and are made to be super lightweight.

The machine-washable microfiber material feels comfortable and ensures your movements aren’t restricted. This is helped by the elastic closure which keeps them tight around the waist without feeling uncomfortable.

Anthem Athletics 50/50 also has ‘fly-away’ side slits for even more moveability. Although microfiber isn’t quite as durable as the classic satin, this material is made to be tear-resistant and is pretty high quality. It also means that they can be produced more cheaply making these the best Muay Thai shorts for anyone shopping on a budget.

The sizing chart is easy to follow and they also offer customer support to help you pick the right fit. The only issue customers have had is, despite being tear-resistant, the material can break more easily than satin shorts but you can’t expect the best material considering the price.


  • Super lightweight material
  • Side slits for quick movement
  • Tight comfortable fit
  • Reasonable price


  • Not as durable as other options

For a budget option, these are a pretty good pick. Just don’t expect to get the same high quality and durable material with these as you would with more expensive Muay Thai shorts.


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What To Look For In The Best Muay Thai Shorts?

There are plenty of options out there for Muay Thai gears and stuff, like Muay Thai shin guards, shorts, pair of Muay Thai gloves, but how do you know you’re getting professional quality and not just a knock off version with fancy colors and patterns?

Well, there are several things to look for in a quality pair and we checked all the options in this review for these qualities.


When it comes to the best Muay Thai short material it depends on your preference and whether you will be machine washing them or not. Satin is a popular material option as it is lightweight and comfortable while still being durable enough to take on fights. And I believe the same thing goes even for most popular MMA shorts.

The issue is, this isn’t the easiest material to wash. You can machine wash it on a delicate cycle but it is better to hand wash it to avoid causing the fabric to fall apart or the detailing to come off.

If you plan on throwing your shorts into a machine, a synthetic material can be just as effective, and is easier to keep clean. Some shorts in this review use polyester and others opt for microfiber, both of which are easy to maintain.


You can also get Muay Thai shorts in different cuts depending on whether you prefer long, short or a wide fit. All of these styles are acceptable for professional Muay Thai shorts. The classic style is a narrow waistband and shorter length. The wide fit works well for heavy fighters who don’t want tight shorts to restrict their movement.


The reason a lot of people end up with the wrong size in Muay Thai shorts is that Asian sizing can be very different from Western size guides. If you are usually a US small you might find you are large in Thailand. This is why it is important to use the size guides and measure your waist and outseam carefully before buying.

The good thing is, Muay Thai shorts usually come in a range of sizes from small to 4L so you’ll find a pair for any size. We’ve also featured a pair specifically made for women as these will provide a more tailored fit.

Which Are The Best Muay Thai Shorts For Me?

The one that catches your eyes may not be the best Muay Thai Shorts for you, even if it's the most expensive. Even wearing the best boxing shorts may not be good enough since we're talking about Muay Thai here.

And with all these high-quality options, it can be hard to pick the pair for you. Depending on your individual style and budget, any one of these pairs could be the perfect pick, but we’ve tried to find the best for each purpose to make it easier for you to decide. 

Best Muay Thai Shorts For Women

Although many Muay Thai shorts are unisex, having a pair specifically made for women can make a real difference. The Tuff Sport Women’s Boxing Muay Thai Shorts are fitted around the waist to be snug without feeling too tight. They are also made from quick-drying material which is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about washing them separately from your other gym attire.

Best Kickboxing Shorts

If you are thinking about using your Muay Thai shorts for kickboxing as well as Muay Thai, you’ll need a material that is durable and can take on a beating while being versatile enough to provide a full range of movement around the thighs. The Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts are designed with kickboxing in mind and the breathable satin material makes them some of the most durable shorts on the market.

Best Muay Thai Shorts For Wide Fit

If you prefer the wide-cut or have bulkier thighs and just can’t get the right size with a long or short cut, the Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Shorts provide plenty of extra room around the thigh. The wide cut is great for ventilation and movement.

Let's watch some Muay Thai action before we end this up! The skill is called "Clinching" which develops endurance and also gives you a real big advantage on the ring.


Although I like all of these shorts, the best Muay Thai shorts for me have to be the Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts. They are made from durable satin which has got to be the best material around for Muay Thai shorts.

What’s more, they are also the best kickboxing shorts on the market so you can use them for a range of different training and exercises thanks to their flexible material and perfect fit.

If you’re not convinced by my top pick, take a look at all the options in this review to find the best Muay Thai shorts for you.

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