Best Muay Thai Gloves: 16 oz & 10 oz - Top Brand Options For 2020 Reviewed

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Last Updated on February 2, 2021

There’s a lot that goes into Muay Thai training and getting the right pair of gloves should be high on the priority list of any pro or beginner.

Gloves have a simple but essential function to protect your hands from likely injuries such as sprains, dislocations, and fractures. They are also compulsory if you intend to spar while training Muay Thai to protect yourself and your sparring partner.

That being said... 

Many folks ask, “What are the best Muay Thai gloves?”

The thing is, there isn’t a specific brand that makes the “best gloves for Muay Thai” as it all depends on your taste, training, and most importantly, your budget.

But here’s the good part: 

There’s always a brand that offers great value for your budget and the style that fits you the most.

To make your quest much easier, I’ve searched high and low, and after in-depth research and several customer reviews to compile this list of the top options.

Better yet, the list includes a diverse range of Muay Thai gloves for everyone from pro to beginners, budget-wise to those who are ready to splash out the cash.

P.S. There will be a  detailed guide at the end of this review to help you take out guesswork if you still don’t know what makes a glove “the best Muay Thai gloves” for you.

Let’s get started…

The 10 Best Muay Thai Gloves Reviewed

1. Fairtex BVG1 Muay Thai Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 Size : 10 12 14 16 oz. Training Sparring All Purpose Gloves for Kick Boxing MMA K1 (Solid Black, 16 oz)

Our Verdict: Best Overall

Fairtex is one of the most trusted MMA brands today and is well known for their quality handmade gears.

The Fairtex Muay Thai Style Gloves are also one of the most popular gloves among Muay Thai fighters for training and sparring. It’s such that you can’t go through a Muay Thai gloves review and not find them listed among the best Muay Thai gloves.

These gloves are made from premium leather and are guaranteed to last for years of abuse of sparring or hitting the heavy bag. Yes, they have well-distributed padding, so they protect the knuckles pretty well while training with the heavy bag.

The construction of the Fairtex gloves are designed for Muay Thai style training but are equally used by boxers. This is as a result of its anatomical arch that helps to easily form a fist and its supple padding for protection.

Unlike the Hayabusas I mention below, these Fairtex gloves use thin wraparound Velcro straps. With these, you can get them on and off twice as fast, but not with a lace-like fit like the Hayabusas.

The hand compartment fits well on the hand (not tight), and you also get secure wrist support. However, if you need even more wrist support, you can opt for their synthetic leather Fairtex gloves that have longer cuffs. 

The inner lining is made from a sort of linen material that wicks away sweat. Still, it will need regular cleaning and perhaps a deodorizer to stay fresh and prevent it from stinking.

One thing about the Fairtex gloves, like the rest of the gloves in this review, is that their price is determined by not just their size but also design, or color in particular. You can check out special deals on some standout designs for as much as 33% off the original price.


  • Good value for your money
  • Long-lasting leather shell
  • Good knuckle and wrist protection
  • Easy to form a fist
  • Treasure of different styles to choose from
  • Simple and secure wraparound Velcro strap


  • Fairly expensive

If you’re ready to get yourself good Muay Thai gloves as an upgrade from a cheaper pair, or you want your first to be top-notch, you almost can’t go wrong with Fairtex Muay Thai Training Gloves.


2. Hayabusa T3 Muay Thai Gloves

Our Verdict: Best Quality

Hayabusa is a renowned MMA brand and is easily the best maker of Muay Thai gears that aren’t based in Thailand. That said, I don’t need to emphasize the credibility of Hayabusa any further.

They make quality products that also come at a matching premium price.

The Hayabusa Tokushu – meaning special in English – T3 is a truly special pair of gloves with its high-quality build and an ingenious design that is perfect for both boxing and Muay Thai.

First, it is built to last for years just as you’d expect from a pair of gloves you’ll spend so much on. To make this a reality, its cover is made from microfiber leather that performs better against abrasion, cracks, and tears, unlike any other synthetic leather.

Also, Hayabusa has made the attached thumb with a sweat-absorbent microfiber leather to satisfy your not-so-secret craving of wiping sweat off your face while working out.

What’s more, the T3 has a special inner lining material that won’t fray and more importantly, makes the gloves comfortable and stay fresh.

As regards how it suits Muay Thai specifically, the Tokushu T3 is compact and allows you to clench your fists well enough to grab kicks or knee moves.

Again, to meet up to its name (Tokushu), it uses four (4) interlocking splints that ensure not only better wrist support but also a more authentic look than other gloves.

On the flip side, Hayabusa gloves have a tight-fitting hand compartment. That means, if you have larger hands, you may have issues wearing these gloves comfortably, especially with hand wraps.

For an even more secure and tight fit, the T3 Gloves use double hook and loop closure. Some folks find the extra second it takes to put them on and off a bit of a letdown but usually gets used to it soon enough.


  • Durable microfiber leather
  • Secure wrist protection
  • Premium material all-around
  • Generous padding
  • Good return policy
  • Double Velcro strap
  • Available in seven (7) colors


  • Fairly expensive
  • Not the best fit for large hands

Overall, the Hayabusa T3 gloves are among the top Muay Thai gloves you can find. It comes in almost all sizes (10oz to 16oz), so you can find one for pad work, sparring or whatsoever Muay Thai style gloves you are in the market for.


3. Twins Special Muay Thai Gloves

Twins Special Leather Boxing Gloves - BGVL-3 - w/Velcro Wrist Strap (Black, 16oz)

Our Verdict: Best in Padding

Twins Special is a big name Muay Thai brand and also well known in the world of martial arts for its top-quality gear for over six decades.

Twins gloves are made in Thailand, and to stress their authenticity, Twins gears are the only accepted ones in the National Muay Thai Stadium of Thailand. For this reason alone, it’ll be awkward not to put their gloves among the best Muay Thai fighting gloves. 

Plus, they are one of the few good gloves that are specially designed for Muay Thai.

These gloves offer a generous amount of padding not just for the knuckles but also for the wrists. This provides some cushioning against the impact of kicks from spraining the wrists.

Also, the wrists and gloves are fastened conveniently and safely with a durable wraparound Velcro strap.

If you are a fan of dense padding, Twins Special gloves have a lot more padding compared to many other brands, with Fairtex as an example.

This glove is made from high-quality leather so it isn’t too coarse and will break in quite easily. But most importantly, it is sure to go through years of use.

Another good feature with these gloves is that you’re covered, regardless of whatever size or purpose you want them for. From 8oz to as large as 18oz, you can be sure you’ll get your competition or fight gloves with Twins Special.

However, a few folks, mostly with larger than average hands, have complained that its thumb placement is awkward and their fingers feel like they’ll go through the gloves. Nonetheless, the hand compartment is known to fit rather snugly and also does a good job of preventing any stink.

The only downside to these gloves is that their color and style are limited. There are three colors available – black, blue, and pink.


  • Long-lasting leather cover
  • Thicker padding than most brands
  • Easy to clench fists to punch and catch kicks
  • Knuckle and wrist padding
  • Durable wraparound Velcro strap
  • Snug fitting and anti-odor hand compartment


  • Expensive
  • Thumb placement is awkward for some users
  • Takes longer to break-in

So, if you’re looking for 16oz Muay Thai gloves with a lot of padding, yet remains functional, Twins Special Gloves make a solid option.


4. RDX Ego Gloves for Muay Thai

RDX Boxing Gloves for Training Muay Thai Maya Hide Leather Mitts for Fighting, Kickboxing, Sparring EGO Gloves for Punch Bag, Focus Pads, Thai Pad, Grappling Dummy and Double End Ball Punching

Our Verdict: Best for Beginners

RDX is another top international MMA brand, but instead of Thailand, as you may think, they are based in Great Britain. They produce a range of gears for most combat sports, and more often than not, usually have the best affordable products.

The RDX Ego gloves are another similar product in this line. Consequently, they are often regarded as one of the best Muay Thai gloves for beginners thanks to their affordability and functionality.

For gloves of their price, the Maya hide leather of the Ego gloves is extraordinarily durable. This type of leather is also resistant to cracks and splits. The gloves are hand-stitched, and you can easily note how well-made they are from just looking at the gloves.

To ensure you’re getting a bang for your buck, The Ego gloves use a trademark padding design (Quadro-Dome Technology). This system features a triple-layered gel padding to protect the knuckles from a hard impact.

Another trademark technology you stand to benefit from is their S.P.P. Ventilation Technology. It positions air holes across the palm for better ventilation and breathability.

With the quick EZ hook and loop closure, you can easily get the gloves on and off for practice, and also secure lock the wrists from injuries.

The sleek and thin profile of these gloves is something many customers cherish, considering that they also have a good amount of padding.

Despite that most people acknowledge the tight (snug) fit of the Ego gloves, a few have complained of most likely technical flaws in the gloves that cause injuries. Better said, they complained that some parts of the padding bruises their knuckles or fingers. 


  • Affordable
  • Breathable palm design
  • Durable Maya hide leather
  • Sleek profile
  • Triple-layered gel padding
  • Secure Velcro strap for wrist protection
  • Available in three different designs


  • Design flaws in some units that caused bruises on the fingers

Nevertheless, these are still high-quality gloves for a beginner’s budget. Plus, if you aren’t sure of your passion for Muay Thai yet, you can as well use them for boxing.


5. Top King Muay Thai Gloves

Our Verdict: Best in Value

Top King is another Thai-based MMA brand founded by one of the owners of Twins Gloves. 

It was supposedly established to diversify the market, but you will still find similar traits in their gloves, with generous padding as an example. The Top King Gloves are quite popular in Muay Thai and boxing gyms so you can rest assured that they are compatible as Muay Thai fight gloves.

One way to be sure of is this is the design of their padding. The padding of the Top King gloves protects the knuckles as well as the wrists. More specifically, the wrist is well-padded against injuries from kicks and for better wrist support.

Furthermore, the Velcro strap lets you gear up a bit faster than other brands, and still protects the wrists quite well with a secure fit.

These gloves are made from high-quality cowhide leather. That means you can rest assured that they will last a long time of abuse doing pad work, regular training, or sparring.

There is an “air edition” that incorporates a mesh palm to make the gloves even more breathable. The only issue is that a few customers have complained about getting gloves without a mesh palm.

Either way, the standard design without a mesh design is hotter but doesn’t get stinky as long as you air them. And you can buy these gloves alongside the paired deodorizers for a couple of extra bucks.

On the other hand, Top King gloves are known for having a snug fit even on smaller hands. If you have large hands, it might take you a week or two before you get comfortable in them.

Asides these few concerns, the gloves are available in a wide range of sizes (8oz-16oz), and a plethora of eye-catching designs you can choose from, once you are ready. If you were also wondering, the graphics fair surprisingly well and won’t peel off after just a few sessions.


  • Lasts long with its cowhide leather construction
  • Thick multi-layer foam padding
  • Secure wraparound Velcro strap
  • Wrist padding for extra wrist support
  • A horde of designs available


  • Fairly expensive
  • Some customers didn’t get the mesh palmed version they ordered

As one of the top Muay Thai brands, you can be sure you are going to get enough value for the amount you are investing in these gloves.


6. Sanabul Essentials Fighting Gloves

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Fighting/Bag Gloves (All Black, 16 oz)

Our Verdict: Best Budget

Sanabul is a brand focused on creating the most affordable gears for customers while ensuring they get the best possible quality. 

For beginners still finding their feet in Muay Thai, this is just what you need—not leaving out intermediaries who may be on a very tight budget. The Sanabul Essentials Fighting Gloves are the most affordable in this Muay Thai gloves review. 

The Battle Forged gloves are another affordable option from Sanabul, but I’ve picked the Essentials Series because of its breathable mesh palm.

The Essentials gloves are covered in a performance engineered leather material (synthetic leather). This is a quite sturdy fabric that is also easy to maintain. The only issue being the dorky feel and look of this type of leather.

To protect the knuckles, it uses gel infused foam padding to provide optimum and soft protection of the hands from injuries while fighting or training. However, its gel padding depletes faster than foam, so they aren’t built to last you forever, but well enough to get you better gloves.

These gloves have an anatomical arch design that makes it easy to clench the fists to catch kicks or throw punches. Another ingenious design is its wide wraparound Velcro strap which provides good wrist support in the absence of its wrist padding.

Like you already know, its mesh palm is very important for the breathability of the hands, most especially if don’t like your gloves getting soaked in sweat.

The Sanabul Essentials gloves have a simple design with a black base and seven (8) different highlight colors you can choose from to match your style.

Lastly, you must note that these gloves fit tightly and may take a while to break in if you have large hands.


  • Very affordable
  • Durable vinyl-like shell
  • Anatomical curve for easy clenching of the fist
  • Breathable mesh palm
  • Eight (8) different style options to choose from


  • The padding might deplete after a few months

Overall, these are one of the best Muay Thai gloves for beginners on a very tight budget. The same applies to advanced fighters on a budget who aren’t looking to use the gloves day in, day out.


7. Venum Challenger 2.0 Fighting Gloves

Our Verdict: Best in Cushioning

Another popular Thai MMA brand, Venum, produces a range of products for beginners and pros to help them meet every customer’s needs. This means you can always find a good option regardless of your budget.

For this review, I’ve included a more affordable product from Venum, The Challenger 2.0 Gloves. Although they aren’t handmade in Thailand like most Venum gears, that doesn’t mean they are cheaply made either.

The cover of the glove is made from premium synthetic leather (the same material in the more expensive Venum Elite gloves). This means, they are not only going to be easy to maintain but will also last you long enough to upgrade them to premium gloves if you like.

If it matters, its 3D embossed logo also means you don’t have to worry about it peeling, tearing, or falling off entirely like in most budget gloves.

For protection, it features a triple-layered foam padding that helps protect the knuckles with a good amount of cushioning to also stay as comfortable as possible. It also has a wide, elastic Velcro strap to fasten the gloves quickly and securely.

For better compatibility with Muay Thai style fighting, the gloves have an anatomical design. That means you can clench your fists and grab opponents quite well, despite being boxing gloves.

Also, these gloves feature a sweat-wicking mesh palm design that helps the hands cool better.

As much as the Challenger 2.0 gloves may seem like they are perfect, they aren’t. There have been complaints of several quality issues, like depleting padding, loosed seams, and a few others. These issues equally occur after several months of usage.

Take these few complaints away, and the Venum Challenger will be a solid option for Muay Thai beginners and low budget fighters.


  • Affordable
  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Triple density foam padding for impact cushioning
  • Mesh palms for breathability
  • Sleek and secure Velcro strap
  • Over a dozen designs (colors) to choose from


  • Not the most durable

On a final note, I’ll recommend you pick 12-16oz sized gloves for budget gloves like the Challenger 2.0, and the more expensive Muay Thai gloves if you want gloves with light padding to avoid injuries.


8. Yokkao Matrix Muay Thai Gloves

Our Verdict: Best Investment

Yokkao is an Italian owned Muay Thai brand based in Thailand. The brand is a relative newcomer to the Muay Thai scene but has become a household name thanks to the consistent production of high-quality gears with eye-catching designs.

Another great boost to their popularity in the Muay Thai industry is their signing of several world-renowned Muay Thai stars. That said, their Matrix Gloves are one of the few gloves in this review that’s specially built for Muay Thai.

A lot of attention is given to detail to give these gloves a sturdy and functional build.

The gloves are carefully handmade in Thailand with top-of-the-line cowhide leather to survive years of abuse and in good shape.

Also, the Velcro strap, and the rest of the gloves as well, are double-stitched, to make sure the seams don’t come undone after just a couple of months, unlike what you get in many other brands. 

Not to forget, The Matrix Gloves recently got an upgrade, yet are selling for less than the original price to make them more “affordable.”

The new edition features longer-lasting shock absorbent foam that gives it soft and comfortable padding. The padding of the Yokkao gloves are close to being fluffy, so they won’t be great at hitting the heavy bag properly for beginners.

Yokkao Matrix gloves break in almost instantly, with only one customer having an issue with the thumb attachment fitting in only after a short while.

For the eye-catching designs I mentioned earlier, there are about eleven (11) plain colors you can choose from, but you can find the more eccentric designs on their website.


  • Made with premium cowhide leather
  • Designed for Muay Thai
  • Soft and thick padding for knuckle protection
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Brightly colored with plenty of options
  • Durable Velcro strap


  • Expensive

All in all, these are premium gloves that are worth investing your cash in if you want one of the best Muay Thai training gloves. Keep in mind that these gloves have a soft feel and may not be everyone’s taste for bag work. 


9. Boon Thai Style Training Gloves

MMABLAST Boon Thai Style Training Gloves - BGV - Brown (12oz)

Our Verdict: Best for Grappling & Grabbing

Boon is perhaps the least popular Muay Thai brand in this review, but I’ve included them for the superb quality of their gloves.

Overall, these particular Boon Gloves offer a ton of value for their price, that’s similar to a hidden jewel because they should be more popular.

Based in Thailand, they serve a pure Muay Thai population and take pride in the simplistic design and quality of their gloves over flair. So, if you’re like Boon, and prefer simple but functional gloves, you are probably going to like these gloves.

The gloves are made from high-quality top grain leather, of which Boon describes its quality as “second to none.”

Although the glove has a thick, soft foam padding, it still allows you to feel the impact of your blows to maintain a proper technique. As far as fit is concerned, these gloves fit well on even large hands but may take a few sessions at worst to break in as usual.

The hand compartment is also specially fitted for Muay Thai style movements like the occasional grappling and grabbing. This is not to say that they aren’t good as boxing gloves as well.

On the other hand, these gloves use slightly wider than usual Velcro straps that give the wrist better support and protection. With them, you are getting the protection that’s close to that of a lace fastener and the speed and convenience of Velcro.

Specifically made for Muay Thai, Boon gloves have longer cuffs than your regular boxing gloves to further improve wrist support.

If you are a fan of old school gloves, they would fit perfectly into your training routine.


  • Solid leather construction
  • Classic design
  • Good value for money
  • Form-fitting hand compartment
  • Secure Velcro strap
  • Relatively quick delivery


  • Fairly expensive

The word going around is that late delivery might be a thing because the gloves are shipped from the company’s factory in Thailand. That isn’t an issue with the vendor of these gloves in our review.


10. Windy Leather Muay Thai Gloves

Windy Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves, 12-Ounce, Red

Our Verdict: Classy Vintage Design

Windy is one of the oldest Muay Thai brands out of Thailand, but you may not be familiar with the rise of brands like Fairtex and Twins Gloves.

Nevertheless, they continue to produce top-quality gloves with a lack of innovative marketing being the main reason for their fall in popularity. Also, the Windy Gloves strike a rather classic look so may not be a thing for most contemporary fighters who like flashy designs.

Notwithstanding, you can be sure this glove will last you more than its money’s worth with its handmade authentic leather construction.

For protection, these gloves feature a multiple-layered foam padding to give optimum shock absorption that won’t wear out for years to come. The padding is firm (not in an uncomfortable way) and not “pillowy” so it is perfect for bag work and even for sparring. If you need extra padding, they also offer 18oz sized gloves.

You also get secure wrist support with its wrist padding, which helps cushion the impact of kicks on the hands while blocking. Plus, its Velcro strap is not only convenient, as you’d expect, but gives a lace-like fit.

Since these gloves are made for Muay Thai, the hand compartment fits snugly on the fingers to allow you to clench your fists and grab opponents easily.

For the most part, the gloves might be too tight at first, especially for folks with larger hands, but the good thing is that it takes only a short period for them to break in and fit snugly.


  • Classy vintage look
  • Solid leather construction
  • Multi-layered foam padding with a firm feel
  • Padded wrists and a strong Velcro strap for wrist protection
  • Snug fit
  • Also available in a cheaper 18oz size for extra padding


  • Not affordable for everyone
  • Limited color options

If you like a vintage-looking pair of gloves like the Boon’s mentioned earlier, but prefer a firmer foam padding, Windy’s gloves make a solid option. They also have exceptionally secure wrist protection and a sturdy construction overall, which makes their high price worth every penny.


Choosing The Best Muay Thai Gloves

muay thai fight

The very first gear you are on the lookout for when you start Muay Thai is a pair of gloves. Even before you may think of shin guards, it will always be the gloves, first and foremost. 

Yes, that’s right.

For the most part, you’re probably tired of using the stinky ones at your gym, or maybe you’re not a beginner and you’re looking to upgrade your current ones to a better pair.

Any way you want to go about it, you need to have some basic knowledge of factors you should pay attention to if you want to get yourself the Best Muay Thai Gloves.

You might buy the most expensive gloves, the coolest shorts, or even the “best gear in the store,” for instance, but if they aren’t going to fit you right, they are just as good as useless. This is because it’s a thing of personal preference as Muay Thai gloves come in different styles, weight, and of course, prices.

With that out of the way, I’ll go ahead and explain some basic, but essential factors to get you the best Muay Thai gloves for what you need.

Before that, I’ll answer a popular question many people tend to ask:

Are Boxing Gloves The Same As Muay Thai Gloves?

Boxing shorts and even the perfect Muay Thai shorts you'd find aren't created equal. The same thing goes with gloves.

By merely looking at them (boxing gloves, the MMA gloves, and Muay Thai gloves) they don’t particularly look so different. However, there are little details that go a long way in making Muay Thai gloves better suited for Muay Thai than western-style boxing gloves.

The main difference is that Muay Thai gloves are more flexible when you clench your fist, which allows you to grab opponents easily whereas boxing gloves are designed to be mostly curled up into a fist and not for regular movement (rigid).

Also, you will find that Muay Thai gloves have padding around the wrists for extra protection against kicks. Although, not all Muay Thai gloves have this feature, with training gloves being a good example. 

Not to worry, I’ll explain the different types of Muay Thai gloves in a bit.

One other difference is that boxing gloves have their attached thumb stitched in, like this one shown on our vegan boxing glove review, as opposed to being molded with the entire glove for Muay Thai. The thumb attachment of Muay Thai gloves may also be positioned slightly differently compared to boxing gloves to give a better grip.

Lastly, the weight distribution of the padding in Muay Thai gloves usually gets concentrated on the top of the gloves while it is spread more evenly in boxing gloves.

Types of Muay Thai Gloves

The chances are that your trainer must have told you to get both training gloves and sparring gloves.

While this is a good practice, most beginners may find it hard to afford both gloves or not worthy enough since they aren’t sure of their place in Muay Thai just yet.

I’ll explain through other types of Muay Thai gloves and how to fix the dilemma above.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are what you’ll use for every drill you will practice, which includes, pad work, heavy bags, and occasional sparring (if they are padded enough).

These types of gloves have firmer padding that protects the knuckles, but just enough to let you feel the impact of your strikes without hurting. This type of padding allows you to master the proper technique.

Size recommendation: These gloves range between 10oz to 14oz. Most people opt for 14oz though, because they can also be used for sparring (if approved by your gym).

Sparring Gloves

These usually have extra padding for the knuckles and around the wrists to protect you as well as your sparring partner from getting injured.

The padding also tends to be soft to cushion the impact of your punches on your opponents. This not only reduces cuts and injuries but also the chances of getting your opponent knocked out - which is a good thing for you too – while sparring

Some brands like RDX, Sanabul, and Venum also offer youth Muay Thai gloves for kids, that aren’t as heavy as the standard ones.

Size recommendation: 

Go for 14oz or 16oz depending on your personal preference. Plus some gyms may mandate you spar with 16oz gloves. But I prefer 16oz Muay Thai gloves because of their versatility: pad work, heavy bag, and sparring.

In case you have a hand injury and require extra padding, some brands like Twins Special and Windy offer 18oz gloves.

Clinching Gloves

Clinching gloves aren’t so popular and shouldn’t be your concern if you don’t intend to put a lot of work into clinching practice.

They are lightly padded with a special thumb attachment and a Velcro strap that prevents any injury to your opponent. With these gloves, you don’t have to worry about scratching your opponents or poking them in the eyes.

It also resolves the issue of the Velcro scratching opponents while clinching or grappling with standard Muay Thai/boxing gloves.

Bag Gloves

These types of gloves are very lightweight (6oz-120z) and in my opinion, are unnecessary if you have training gloves.

However, if you are a fan of their small size and flexible thumbs, you can get them for pad work.

Although, I won’t recommend them if you will be hitting the heavy bag regularly to prevent injuries.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Muay Thai Gloves


Unless you aren’t going to be practicing Muay Thai often, you will need to get gloves made from durable materials.

The reason isn’t so far-fetched: 

Your gloves will be going through a lot of punishment, from heavy bags, focus mitts, sweat, and so on. Therefore you need a pair that can equally hold up to this abuse.

Real Leather

The most durable material is genuine leather and lasts longer compared to synthetic leather. However, it comes at a higher price relative to its quality and is also harder to maintain. Even with proper care, authentic leather tends to give off an offensive odor after several sweaty sessions.

Synthetic Leather

Nonetheless, synthetic leather has improved over the years with durable and economical alternatives like microfiber, skintex, and Maya Hide leather. They are also vegan-friendly options.

Besides being cheaper than pure leather, they are also easier to maintain and clean.


Most brands will either offer a variety of foam or gel-infused padding.

Cheap gloves usually use a gel padding or two layers of foam which don’t usually do well in the long run. What this implies is that gel padding doesn’t take long before it starts depleting, and a double-layered foam padding doesn’t offer much cushioning.

If you’re a heavy hitter, you are better off spending the extra bucks on premium gloves to prevent yourself from getting injured.

With Muay Thai, you also have to consider if the gloves have wrist and thumb padding. Good Muay Thai gloves will come with a padded thumb, but some may not have padding in the wrist area. This is excusable as long as it has good secure wrist support to cover it up.


If you sweat a lot, this will be a very crucial factor to consider when looking for the best Muay Thai gloves.

A breathable glove usually has a mesh palm, small air holes across the palm, or a breathable fabric like genuine leather.

Most premium gloves are made of genuine leather that is breathable and usually doesn’t have any of the ventilation modifications like mesh or air holes.

Wrist Support And Fasteners

Last but not least, you must take the level of wrist support the gloves will provide seriously. Your wrists are put under a lot of stress when you are hitting the heavy bag or sparring. So, if they aren’t well-cushioned, there’s a good chance you may pick up an injury.

Here’s the way to go about it:

The go-to fastener every gym, trainer, or review, will recommend for wrist security is the hook and loop closure (Velcro). Velcro straps are convenient and the way to go since you’ll be taking your gloves on and off between different drills. 

Although lace straps are more protective, they are not practical for training since you need a partner to take them on and off at all times.

Finally, the gloves should have cuffs that ride up your arm such that they are above your wrists at the very least.


With so many good Muay Thai gloves to pick from in this review, picking out a winner is quite a difficult task. But as far as I’m concerned, the Fairtex BVG1 is a standout choice with only a few other Muay Thai gloves coming anywhere close.

Striking a premium leather construction, these gloves look aesthetically perfect and are certified to last for years depending on the intensity of usage.

With its dense and evenly distributed padding, you can train at the heavy bag or spar for hours without feeling any discomfort once they break-in. Plus, the wrist support of the BVG1 is top-notch with a large wraparound Velcro strap, and optimum cuff length, all packed in its compact frame.

Yes. These gloves have a compact frame too, despite their generous padding. It even gets better with its reasonably quoted price that makes it affordable for beginners that are passionate enough.

If they still don’t suit your fancy, there are lots of other good Muay Thai gloves in this review that surely will.

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