The 6 Best Heavy Bag Stands: Top Affordable And Exquisite Picks

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Last Updated on January 29, 2021

A sure way to increase punching power is by train at the heavy bag regularly. Yes, we know that.


While working on your punch technique, heavy bags also give a great deal of cardio exercise. So even if you aren't a pro boxer whose livelihood depends on his punch power, you aren't left out of the fun.  

But hitting the gym after hours isn't always possible. Or you may want to put in extra work on the bag at home after training days.

And the heavy bag, well, is heavy. You can't possibly hang it on a door or the coat rack.

No qualms.

Install a heavy bag stand in your garage or basement, and you'd be fine. A wall mount might even fit in a room with little space if the stand can't fit.

I talked about how you can go about picking the best heavy bag stands. Of course, I'll also reveal six of the best heavy bag stands on the market for boxing or muay Thai training. And let me make a special mention of my personal favorite; the Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand

Best Heavy Bag Stands Reviewed

1. Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand – Top Pick

Everlast - 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

Key Features and Specifications

  • Footprint is 6 feet by 4 feet
  • 7.2 feet tall
  • Not adjustable
  • Holds up to a 100-pound heavy bag
  • 3 weight pegs
  • Adjustable speed bag platform

The Everlast 2 Station is a remarkable heavy bag stand. But the speed bag platform, not so much.

It's Everlast's idea of boosting sales from adding a mouth-watering attachment, such as the speed bag platform, all at a sweet price. And it works.

If you are a beginner or intermediary boxer, you wouldn't mind training on the speed bag. Sooner or later. And especially not when you can get a setup for both at a little over the heavy bag stand price.

The speed bag platform isn't a total rip off. You can change the swivel - its biggest complaint – to a pro-type swivel for about 20 bucks. It also adjusts to your desired height. You'd still need to weigh it down with sandbags or weight plates. But that should be expected already, considering its price.

What you may not expect is some kind of quality control issue. Some folks have fussed about a broken bolt or misalignment while coupling the beams.

Perhaps due to the stand's relative success, they slacked a bit with a batch of their inventory. But that was a long time ago.

Regardless, this is a solid heavy bag stand for the money. Frankly, I won't advise going any cheaper than this range, especially for a dual station.


  • Well worth the money
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Holds up the heavy bag steadily when it's weighted down


  • Some complications during installation
  • Sways while hitting the bag without anchor
  • Cheap speed bag platform


If you want to take your boxing game up a notch while on a budget, go for this heavy bag stand. You can train power and speed with the speed bag extension included. And save you money and space of getting a standalone speed bag platform.


2. Balazs Universal Boxing Stand – Best Quality

Balazs Universal Boxing Stand - Heavy Bag Stand

Key Features And Specifications

  • Footprint is 5.7 ft by 3.7ft
  • 7.9ft tall (custom height available)
  • 300-pound heavy bag capacity
  • Can be extended as a speed bag platform
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty

The Balazs heavy bag stand is the juggernaut of heavy bag stands. Without weight pegs or sandbags, this stand would hang nicely over a 100-pound bag heavy bag.

The catch? It stays stable while you beat up the bad. Without any anchor!

And it's slated to hold up well up to a 300-pound heavy bag. That's more than you'd probably ever need to stay in shape in a home or public gym.

As if that's not enough, you can add a speed bag attachment whenever you're ready to take things up a notch.

If your garage or basement would fit this stand, you can't go wrong with it. It's the kind of product you buy and enjoy instantly. It's no doubt the best boxing bag stand I know of.

But it comes with a worthy hefty price tag. So, it might be out of option for folks who'd only fumble with the heavy bag once in three weeks. But, then again, it's your choice if you won't settle for less.


  • It would last long enough for generations if you use it properly (no pun intended).
  • Spacious heavy bag and speed bag station.
  • A mile less noisy than cheap heavy bag stands
  • You can hang any heavy bag size, and it won't budge


  • Matching hefty price tag


The Balazs stand may be pricey, but it would give your money's worth. As you must already know, this is the juggernaut of heavy bag stands. If you're a heavyweight or just want the best at any cost, go for it.


3. Yes4all Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger - Best Wall Mount

Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger with Heavy Bag Chain - ²SROGZ

Key Features and Specifications

  • 8-bolt mount
  • 100-pound heavy bag capacity
  • Adjusts to a max height of 1.7ft
  • Chain hanger 360-degree swivel holds up to 150 pounds
  • Hardware and manual included

First, this wall hanger is made with decent heavy-gauge steel. Not the strongest, but it would do its job effectively.

The Yes4All hanger mounts to a concrete wall or stud wall using 8-point bolts. It can be as durable as you make it. But a rule of thumb would be to go with a lighter bag if you have a wooden stud. And use a durable hardwood board to mount the hanger.

This way, you'd it'll be as stable as it can be when you're hitting the punching bag. And it won't make those annoying squeaky noises. The swivel might, though.

With the wall hanger, you can hang any either a boxing or the longer Muay Thai heavy bags. It mounts to the highest point on your wall, so it applies to every home, I want to guess. Also, a taller guy won't suffer the same claustrophobic fate he would have had on a short heavy bag stand.

If you opt for the chain hanger, you will get a 360-degree rotation on the bag. This simple fix stops the bag from twisting into locks and gives it a smooth rhythm. The chain support also makes the mount hang heavier bags.

Still, I wouldn't recommend going past a 100-pound heavy bag on this mount. If you have to, attach a spring to the chain's hook. Not only does it improve weight support, but it also adds a soothing "bouncy" feel to the bag.

Overall, the Yes4all heavy bag wall mount gives insane value. You'd have a steady bag, more space to attack, and a super-affordable price. The only issue some customers I've complained about is that it has cheap hardware. For instance, bolts not aligning or getting broken while fastening it.


  • Compact and saves space
  • Gives a full-frontal attack on the bag
  • Money and space saver
  • You can adjust the bag to the perfect height
  • Affordable


  • Somewhat flimsy hardware


If you don't have space for a stand or want an option to start with cheaply, the Yes4All Mount stand beckons your attention loads.


4. Century Cornerman Heavy Bag Stand - Best Budget Pick

Century Heavy Bag Stand, One Size

Key Features and Specifications

  • Footprint is 4ft by 4ft
  • 7ft tall
  • 100-pound heavy bag capacity
  • Three weight pegs

Without much publicity, the Century heavy bag stand gained massive traction in sales. It's no surprise. The heavy bag stand is affordable and doesn't show signs of shoddy construction.

Of course, it's powder-coated steel is long-lasting in terms of durability. But it's not as strong if you think of stability while hitting the bag. But at its price, it's no surprise.

However, if you have weight plates in your home gym, that'd. You can place them on the 3 pegs of the stand. If not, place sandbags or heavy objects at the angle of the pegs. This extra weight would stop the stand from tripping over or wobbling a great deal.

You could just make the heavy bag stand the new storage for the plates.

But it seems Century doesn't fancy sharing information, not just publicity. The stand would most likely not come with a manual. But it should be easy to set up. So, you or anyone who offers to help would have no problem.


  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Can stay stable with up to a 60-pound bag without anchor
  • Notable mid-range option


  • Rattles and can be noisy under intense workout
  • Needs weights to be at its best performance
  • No manual


The Century heavy bag would make a classic budget alternative to the mainstream Everlast stand. It's just as sturdy, and a few folks have fallen out of love with Everlast for some reason.


5. Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand – Best For Muay Thai

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand 350lbs Capacity. Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand with 4 Sand Bags

Key Features and Specs

  • Footprint 4ft by 2.5-3.5ft
  • 7.5 feet tall (customizable)
  • 350-pound heavy bag capacity
  • 4 unfilled sandbags
  • Adjustable base legs
  • 10-year warranty

This is one enormous heavy bag stand reviewed for this post. The Outslayer heavy bag stand is 7'5 ft tall and can hold up to 350 pounds.

That's more than enough for most people, and you, I guess. But it helps to use a hulking heavy bag stand if you value stability.

You can buy happiness, knowing you won't worry about holding the bag from falling over. Or moving all over the place – the wobble makes me feel like a pack a punch at least.

The Outslayer stand has four sandbags you'd need to fill up as anchor. It's cheaper than if you had to use weight plates and just as effective. That said, sandbags would give up to 60 pounds of weight support.

The usefulness of this heavy bag stand for Muay Thai can't go unsaid. Being over 7ft tall, the stand can support the 6ft heavy bag used to train low kicks and teep in muay Thai. By the way, you can adjust the height if it won't the basement or garage ceiling.

For all its remarkable features and strength, it sure does command a hefty price. If it's worth it would be up to you. An amateur who wouldn't bother much about a wobbly stand will find it expensive.


  • Solid construction
  • Considerably small footprint
  • Perfect for practicing kicks
  • Holds up any heavy bag
  • 10-year warranty


  • Pricey
  • Wouldn't fit under short ceilings


Again, if you find the Outslayer stand worthy of its price, don't hesitate to go for it. You won't regret it.


6. Everlast Heavy Bag Stand – Best Affordable Alternative

Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

Key Features

  • Footprint is 5.6ft by 4ft
  • 7ft tall
  • 100-pound max heavy bag capacity

This is yet another popular Everlast heavy bag stand. But this time, it lives up to the hype.

The Everlast heavy bag stand is a durable powder coated frame of steel. Putting the 100-pound bag on it doesn't make it slide or wobble, unlike most reasonably priced heavy bag stands.

But you'd need plenty of anchoring weight and suitable flooring if you want to do any serious work on the stand. It has three weight pegs you can use for that. A rubber mat could reduce its noise and limit movement.

Regardless, this thing still makes a hell of a noise. It's not the best option if you stay in an apartment building or upstairs for that matter.

Like most heavy bag stands of its type, the front legs limit your path if you want to practice footwork. But, it's more than enough to get you in shape and master the right technique.

This is no doubt the best punching bag stand for home use as an alternative. And its price is just right in the middle and is, of course, an affordable alternative.


  • Portable
  • It would last long
  • Stays steady with a 100-pound bag steady if anchored
  • Tested and trusted


  • Lousy


This is the Apple of heavy bag stands. It's one of the best you'd see around, and its popularity speaks for it. With the right setup, you'd sweat out countless intense heavy bag sessions.


How To Choose The Best Heavy Bag Stand

garage training


Stability is a crucial factor you want to look out for. Would the stand sway recklessly or gently when you're hitting the heavy bag?

How much weight would you need to anchor it down? Answers to these questions can make or mar your experience with the stand. 

Most heavy bag stands will need about 60 extra pounds. You can put weight plates in their pegs. Or use sandbags if that's a costly route.

Well, unless you opt for a wall mount or buy a super-stable stand, like the Balazs stand - you can't escape having to anchor the stand if you want to beat the heavy bag and have it stay in place.


Heavy bag stands are mostly easy to assemble. They also come with the bolts you'd need to join the few necessary parts and have it up and running. It is less complicated than installing a speedbag where you would be needing a platform and of course, the best speed bag swivels to go with it. 

The only time you'd have to get a bit technical is if you get a wall mount. It's not difficult either. You'd need drilling tools, a stud finder, and 2" x 6" boards. All you have to do is to bolt the mount down onto the installed boards.

If you are installing the heavy bag hanger in a concrete wall, use masonry bits. It will do a better job than if you used regular bits.

Room Space

All things being okay, like not having to worry about disturbing neighbors. You have to be sure the heavy bag stand would fit your floor space. And give you enough room to train with the correct form.

At the very least, you'd need 6 ft by 4ft of room space. And a 7 feet ceiling to use the typical heavy bag stand. And that's more like the barest minimum. If you don't have the luxury of space, a wall mount might be your best option. Or, a freestanding heavy bag stand, if you don't want holes in your wall.

Also, heavy stands would limit the angle of attack you have on the bag. It's alternatives won't. In short, stands give less space in comparison, but more than enough to get going. You'd be going at the bag face front or slightly to the side.

So now, let's see how to work up that big-boy bag, in this video... 😉

Wrapping Up

If you are still looking to work with a heavy bag, the stand should no longer be a problem.

Surely, you'd find a heavy bag stand that cant fit your room, budget, or work ethic.

For most guys, affordability makes the difference. That's why I'd recommend the Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand as a top choice. You can train on the heavy bag and speed bag simultaneously on one stand. And it won't cost you a fortune.

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