Best Focus Mitts to Practice Your Boxing Punch & Strike With Training Pads Reviewed

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Last Updated on January 12, 2021

If you have been to a boxing training session or workout, you might be used to the instructor getting out the focus mitts and having everyone get into pairs for some drills.

Here’s why:

Focus mitts are an important part of boxing training as they allow you to work on your stance and punching technique.

Plus, your partner can really challenge you. For me, this is the best part of boxing training and often the most difficult.

Focus pads make a real difference to your training if you have just been using a heavy bag, speed bag, or double end bag as they add a whole new dimension to your routine.

For anyone taking their boxing training to the next level and thinking about investing in their own pair of focus mitts, we’ve got the rundown of the best focus mitts out there right now in this review.

The 9 Best Focus Mitts Reviewed

1. Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitts

Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitt

Our Verdict: Best Overall

Made for a variety of different training, including boxing, kickboxing, and MMA, the Ringside Panther punch mitts are an impressive pick for all levels.

The unique contoured shape allows for more control and gives both you and your trainer better leverage. They come in a standard 10 x 7.5 x 3 inches.

 The only problem with the sizing is that users with larger hands might find these to be a bit tight but if you have smaller hands, you can expect a tight and comfortable fit. This tight fit also promotes proper wrist alignment so you can’t complain about that.  

For a reasonable price, these punching mitts are made from genuine leather which makes a difference compared to a lot of the other options on the market which are made from synthetic leather. Although easier to maintain, synthetic leather will start to show wear and tear sooner than genuine leather. 

If you are training with a heavyweight user you will want real leather punch mitts to make sure they can take on the pressure for as long as possible. One downside is you might feel the material is a bit stiff to start with but over time it will soften up and adapt to your hands.

Great for home and gym use, you can practice a range of different movements with these punch mitts including crosses, uppercuts, and jabs thanks to the deeply angled design. They can also take on a kick for kickboxing training. 

The even spread of pressure across the surface means that your partner won’t be feeling the pain of your punches, no matter how much force you exert so feel free to take out all your frustration. They have a lightweight shock-absorbing foam layer which is suitable for protecting the user while still being lightweight enough for moving drills like pivoting and counter-movements.

Although there are no adjustable straps, these focus mitts do contain a ball-shaped cushion for grip which really allows you to control the mitts and feel confident using them. What’s more, they have finger protection hoods that will stop the fingers of the user from bending back if you accidentally strike too high.


  • Durable genuine leather
  • Contoured shape
  • Easy slip, on and off
  • Great for a variety of exercises
  • Ball-shaped cushion for control
  • Deeply angled pads
  • Shock absorbent foam layer
  • Finger protection hood
  • Lightweight
  • color options


  • No adjustable straps
  • Might be stiff to start with
  • Can feel a bit tight on larger hands

Finally, they come in a few color options to suit your style. With all of these impressive features, these are the best overall boxing focus mitts in this punch mitts review.


2. RDX Boxing Pads

RDX Boxing Hook & Jab Pads MMA Target Focus Punching Mitts Thai Strike Kick Shield, White

Our Verdict: Best in Shock Absorbency

Still of very high quality but at a cheaper price are the RDX Boxing Pads

For anyone shopping on a budget, these are affordable focus mitts and are impressive for such a low price. They are also the best punching mitts for shock absorption because of the several layers of padding which will take on even heavy-duty workouts.

Lightweight and still highly efficient when it comes to shock absorption, these punch mitts are a great choice for training. They have several layers of shock absorption technology to make sure that your partner is protected from wrist to elbow.

This includes EVA-LUTION foam and supremo-shock foam in three layers. As well as the shock gel layer, which dissipates force from impact, there is a SpongeX foam layer to ensure comfort.

With all these layers of gel and foam, the boxing mitts hold their shape well and the curved pads make them ideal for a range of punches. Size-wise they are slightly bigger, which allows room for users with larger hands but might not provide a tight fit for anyone with small hands. 

This is helped by the ball-shaped cushion inside which gives you something to grip and helps you to move the mitts more naturally as they feel attached to the hands.

Both the outer and interior material is durable Maya Hide leather. When it comes to synthetic leather, Maya Hide is one of the stronger options. It is also easy to wipe clean after each session. What’s more, the interior is washable and features moisture-wicking mesh material which keeps your hands free of sweat and odor. 

Not only does this improve comfort but it is also important for safety when using the mitts as it prevents your hands from slipping around inside. 


  • Highly efficient shock-absorbent layers
  • Secure grip
  • Hook and loop wrist strap
  • Durable Maya Hide leather
  • Breathable mesh
  • Maintains shape
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Easy to clean


  • Not real leather
  • Might feel loose on smaller hands

They won’t be slipping around once you’ve got them on but these focus mitts are also very easy to get on and off and secure with the hook and loop wrist strap which protects your wrists as well as your hands from excess pressure. The mitts stay secure but don’t feel too tight making them the best option for users with bigger hands.


3. Sanabul Essential Curved Focus Mitts

Sanabul Essential Boxing MMA Punching Mitts (Black/Green) Our Verdict: Best for Beginners

Another great budget option and the best boxing mitts for beginners are the Sanabul Essential. These are a great beginner’s option because of the low price but customers have found that they can’t quite hold up to the pressure of more advanced or professional users.

The curved design fits snugly to the hand for a natural and tight fit which allows you and your trainer to move quickly and effortlessly. These lightweight gloves will almost feel like an extension of your own hands and won’t leave your arms feeling fatigued after a few rounds.

In addition, half ball palm grips made these focus mitts easy to hold on to further allowing you to move naturally around your partner and work on your speed.

As well as a lightweight natural feel and decent grip, these punch mitts are infused with Santec ultra-light foam which means you’ll still feel the impact without the pain. The only problem for professional users or heavyweights is that there is no wrist support so you will have to be careful not to cause damage to your trainers’ wrists or lower arms.

Made from performance engineered leather, they might not be as durable as real leather but customers have found they can stand up to the test of time with this high-quality synthetic leather. The curved design also means that you can practice punches from many angles and the mesh material keeps hands cool and sweat-free so that odor doesn’t build up.


  • Affordable
  • color options
  • Curved hand design
  • Half ball palm grip
  • Mesh material


  • Might not be the best for professionals
  • No wrist support

Overall, these are a pretty decent first pair of boxing pads and you can’t complain about the small issues for such a low price. If you are just starting out with boxing training or want to see if you can work focus mitts into your regular workout, these are the best punching mitts for beginners to get started with.


4. Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts - Shock Absorbent Training Hand Pads - Ideal for Karate Boxing MMA Muay Thai or Fighting Sports Training Genuine and PU Leather (Black Genuine Leather)

Our Verdict: Best for Professionals

For a professional option, try out Pro Impact’s genuine leather focus mitts. This material is guaranteed to last longer and take on professional punches without scratching or cracking. The padding is also harder so even heavyweight users will be able to give these boxing pads all they’ve got.

The problem with this is the material might feel a little stiff to start off with, but it will loosen up over time. The good thing is that the 35% more padding allows you to feel the rebound of your fist off of the pads which helps you to develop rhythm and build up momentum with each punch. This is great for professionals who really want to push themselves in their training.

With better shock absorption you can count on these boxing mitts to keep up with your training and help you develop the skills you will need for the real thing like timing and accuracy. There is a helpful white dot on each pad which you can really make use of as a professional to hone in your punches and hit a smaller target.

The secure comfortable fit is ensured by the hook and loop closure which provides extra wrist support, and your trainer will need all the support they can get if you’re throwing full power punches. The easy-grip ball also helps to improve your accuracy as it makes the pads easy for your trainer to hold on to and move around with.

In addition, these punch mitts feature sweat-resistant lining which keeps the user’s hands comfortable and prevents slipping. Preventing sweat build-up also reduces odor so you won’t have to present your partner with a stinking pair of mitts at the next session.


  • Durable genuine leather
  • Extra padding for rebound
  • Develop accuracy and timing
  • Secure comfortable fit
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Wrist support
  • Sweat-resistant lining
  • color choices


  • Firm to start with
  • More expensive
  • Some customers have found padding feels too hard

With professional quality comes a slightly higher price tag than some other options in this focus mitts review but we think that you are getting a pretty good pair of punching mitts for the price, so if you’re serious about your boxing training, these are ones to consider.


5. Elite Sports Boxing Punch Focus Mitts

Our Verdict: Best Unisex Focus Mitts

The best unisex focus mitts on the market right now are the Elite Sports Focus Mitts

They are designed to cover a range of exercises and training, including boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and Muay Thai, and the fit is also suitable for both men and women. They are another budget-friendly option as they are made from an ultra-lightweight PU leather.

Although comparable to real leather, this is a pretty durable material and is suitable for beginners as it can take on the pressure of a beginner’s hit.

The material also makes these boxing mitts easy to clean and maintain which is ideal for beginners or anyone who is just checking out focus mitts to see how they can fit into your workout routine. With this pair, you’ll get a good idea of what it is like to train with punching pads without having to spend a lot of money.

The curved design also helps to increase striking precision and lets you work on a number of different moves. With the lightweight material, your trainer will be able to keep you on your toes and really get you moving around the ring. The pre-curved concave design is also super helpful for your partner as it helps to keep the mitts flesh to the hand, comfortable and secure.

Most customers have found these mitts to be super comfortable with only a couple of complaints that there might not be enough padding for professional punches, but as mentioned these are more suited to beginners than heavyweights.

In terms of protection, they do feature high-density impact protection and shock absorbent foam which will disperse the impact from the majority of punches and prevent excessive pain.

With a hook and loop closure, these punch mitts are easy to put on and secure and can be adjusted to your desired tightness. These straps provide hand and wrist protection which is important for your trainer or partner no matter what your level as any off-center punch can really impact the wrist.

There is also plenty of ventilation with the mesh panels which stop sweat and odor build-up, keeping you feeling fresh throughout your workout.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight PU leather
  • Curved design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Shock absorbent foam
  • Hand and wrist protection
  • Comfortable
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Mesh panels for ventilation


  • Not for professional use
  • Some customers have found there isn’t enough padding for heavyweight punches

In terms of design, these boxing pads come in a sleek black with different logo colors for a bit of variety. They are definitely another strong option for beginners and anyone shopping on a budget.


6. Cheerwing Boxing MMA Punching Mitts

Cheerwing Boxing MMA Punching Mitts Focus Pads

Our Verdict: Best Budget Buy

The best budget option in this punch mitts review is the Cheerwing Punching Mitts

For an incredibly low price, they still work very well. Even if they don’t compare to professional options in terms of durability, you can’t complain about the quality for such a low price.

These focus pads are made from high-quality and reasonably durable PU leather which is easy to maintain and clean. This reduces the risk of cracking if you are the type of person to forget about conditioning your leather after use. Synthetic leather like this is a much easier option to look after and might be better for anyone who wants a hassle-free option.

They feature effective protection from high potency foam which will take on the majority of pressure without doing damage to your trainer or partner. There is also some wrist protection to prevent any repercussions from high impact punches.

Of course, if you are a professional or heavyweight boxer you might want to spend a little more money on a professional option, but for beginners and intermediates, these are a great option at a great price.

In addition, the inner palm ball helps to stabilize the punch mitts and allows your trainer to keep control of the training session even when blocking and pivoting. The ergonomic curved design also helps you to get the best out of your training by practicing different moves from different angles.

These punch mitts are designed for a range of exercises such as MMA, UFC, kickboxing, karate, Muay Thai, and sparring so whatever you want to use them for they can cope with your daily training.


  • Affordable
  • PU leather
  • High potency foam
  • Inner palm ball
  • Wrist protection strap
  • Curved
  • Versatile


  • Might not have enough padding for heavyweights
  • Small

They also come in a range of colors to suit your taste. The only customer complaints are that they feel a little small for some users and could do with some more padding. Of course, you pay for what you get with these pads and if you know you are going to be throwing some powerful punches, you might want to think about an option with more padding.


7. Fairtex Target Focus Punch Pad Mitts

Fairtex Contoured Boxing MMA Muay Thai Karate Training Target Focus Punch Pad Mitts

Our Verdict: Best in Flexibility

These are some of the top-rated punch pads on the market right now but they do come with a professional quality price tag. If you can spare the cash and are looking for a professional pair of focus mitts that will last, Fairtex is a good choice for you.

Hand-made in Thailand with professional quality genuine leather, Fairtex knows how to make a pair of focus mitts that can hold up against the pressure of professional fighters. These focus pads have three shock absorbing layers and a foam striking surface that will protect both you and the user from injury. There is also a focal point on each pad which is perfect for developing accuracy.

A popular option for Muay Thai, a sport which requires a lot of movement and force, these punch mitts are durable and flexible. They are also super comfortable for the user as they have a soft hand compartment and protective finger hood. This will make sure you don’t do any accidental damage to your partner with misjudged jabs.

The shock-absorbent layers are super lightweight for the quick pivots and movements required for Muay Thai training. The only problem people have had with the material is that it takes a bit of time to break in, like all genuine leather focus mitts. But the break-in period is worth it for durable punch mitts like these.


  • Genuine leather
  • Hand-made in Thailand
  • Shock absorbent layers
  • Foam striking surface with a focus point
  • Comfortable and tight-fitting hand compartment
  • Protective finger hood


  • Can feel tight
  • Stiff to start with 
  • No wrist straps
  • Expensive

Size-wise, users with larger hands might find them to be a bit tight but this could be a good thing in terms of maintaining your control and balance even when moving a lot. If you have small hands, they also fit really well so you won’t have to worry about them slipping despite the fact that they don’t have an adjustable wrist strap to keep them secure like some other options.


8. Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts

Everlast EverGel Mantis Punch Mitts

Our Verdict: Best for Wrist Support and Comfort

If you or your trainer have suffered an injury or have weak wrists, Everlast Mantis are the best boxing mitts for comfort and will have you training with confidence. 

The tough and durable Everhide leather is a great substitute for real leather at a more economical price. However, with cheaper punch mitts you can’t expect the same durability as with other professional quality ones featured in this focus mitts review and some customers have unfortunately found them to fall apart.

In spite of this, we still think that Everlast deserves a seat at the table here because of the emphasis they have put on comfort for both you and your trainer. I know that my biggest worry when training with focus pads is that I am going to accidentally hurt my partner, but with these boxing pads that won’t be an issue.

The curved design absorbs shock and cradles the punch so that neither you nor your trainer will feel the full impact.

With a raised palm grip, the user will be able to hold these mitts in place and take on punches for a whole session without feeling fatigued. This is great for developing punching combinations as your trainer will be able to keep you on your toes instead of getting tired before you do.

Comfort is further improved by the hand net at the back of the mitts which keeps the hands sweat and moisture-free. Not only does this make the boxing mitts much more comfortable to hold, but it keeps them safely in position no matter how hard your trainer is forcing you to work. The Everdri technology which is used with a range of Everlast’s products is superior when it comes to moisture-wicking. 


  • Affordable
  • Curved design
  • Shock absorption
  • Comfortable
  • Raised palm grip
  • Net material back for breathability 
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Wrist support


  • Not as durable as other options
  • Only one color

The new shape also offers a decent amount of wrist support and all of these features combine to make these the best boxing pads for comfort, even if you are taking out your frustration with some full power punches. The size is generally agreeable for most customers but there is only one color option so if yellow just isn’t your color, maybe give these ones a skip.


9. Combat Sports Boxing MMA Punch Mitts

Combat Sports Boxing MMA Punch Mitts (Pair)

Our Verdict: Most Versatile

For anyone who takes part in MMA training, Combat Sports punch mitts are the best for MMA but also work for a lot of different workouts and training sessions as they are lightweight and versatile.

They are very affordable making them a good choice for beginners and are quick and easy to put on and take off which will help you start off your training with ease.

The only problem that a few customers have found is that they are not as durable as professional punch mitts and actually feel quite cheap in comparison. However, the synthetic leather is easier to clean and might be a more hassle-free option for casual users who just want to throw their punch mitts into their gym bag.

We would still recommend these as a good pair of boxing mitts to build focus for MMA and a good choice for beginners or children. They might work better for children given the tighter and smaller size but they also lack inner grip so you’ll want to be careful not to let them slip especially if beginners are using them.

In case of slipping, they do feature an open finger hook which prevents the fingers from being forced back or jamming. This hook is also breathable allowing for ventilation and comfort for the user. There is also a small internal arch that should help to keep them tight, even on smaller hands, and some wrist support although not enough to take on hardcore punches.


  • Smaller and good for children
  • Open finger hook
  • Synthetic leather
  • Versatile
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Wrist support


  • Cheap feeling material
  • Not as durable
  • Not much internal grip

Overall, these are a decent pair of focus mitts to get started with but we have to admit there are better options in this punching mitts review.


Why Should You Use Focus Mitts?

a boxer on training

For professional boxers, focus mitts are probably some of the most basic training equipment you own and part of your everyday training. After all, you have to remember that there is only so much you can achieve with a stationary punching bag or speed bag if you are working up to taking on a moving opponent. 

The point of focus pads is in fact to improve your focus. Your partner can move around you and you have to balance your pivoting with your punching to keep up with them without sacrificing power on your punches.

Even if you reverse the roles and decide to use your new punch mitts yourself, you’ll be improving your hand-eye coordination and ability to perceive where the next punch will be. On the defense, you’ll be able to work on pivoting and protecting yourself from punches which will really help you build up speed and agility for boxing, MMA, or Muay Thai.

Advantages of Training with Focus Mitts

There are also a number of advantages to using focus mitts that you might not have thought of. 

They can be a fun way to relieve some stress and increase confidence in your training partner or coach. If you are working with a professional trainer, using punch mitts will give them the chance to see your technique up close and help you improve, which is why they have become such an integral part of boxing training.

Finally, if you are not using punch mitts as a form of professional training, they also make a fun addition to your workout and a great way to burn fat.

The above being said, I'm sure women trying to lose weight will be more willing to give it a try with their women's boxing gloves on. 

Pivoting and using your feet really gets you moving and, unlike other forms of cardio such as running, you are also incorporating your arms and building upper body strength.

How To Use Focus Mitts

There are several different combinations that you can use to keep your focus mitts training interesting. If you are new to using punching mitts, you might think that the only exercise you can do is repetitive punching. 

Although repetition is key to building strength and precision, I know that repeating the same movements often gets dull quickly for me.

There are numerous drills you can do to keep your workout interesting and improve your technique more quickly. These drills include combinations of punching techniques like jabs, uppercuts, and strikes as well as combinations of counter and defense work including pivoting and slipping, so you can get your whole body moving.

female boxer on timed training

What To Look For When Buying Focus Mitts

When reviewing the products for punching mitts reviews, we focused on a few key specifications which show that the punching mitts are high-quality. If you are looking for your own pair of punching mitts here are the things you should be checking for before you buy.


The most popular materials for focus mitts are leather and synthetic leather. 

For beginners, we would recommend synthetic leather as it is cheaper and easier to look after. But for professionals, you might need high-quality real leather to take on hardcore punches and daily training. 

If you are planning on using your punching mitts every day, you might want to invest in more durable material like real leather but if you are new to traditional boxing, kickboxing training, or just trying it out, why not start with a cheaper pair of synthetic leather pads and see how they feel compared to your kickboxing gloves.


Of course, with punch mitts the padding is the most important part. 

Not only do you want to make sure that your own hands are protected but you want to be certain that you are not going to do any serious damage to your training partner no matter how much power you put into your punches. 

Some of the best boxing mitts in this review feature impressive padding which is what makes them the top picks across punching mitt reviews.

Wrist Support

Although this feature might be looked over by some choices in this focus mitts review, wrist support can make a real difference for the user and is especially important if you have weak wrists or have had a previous injury. 

Most focus pads will have some sort of wrist support whether the hand compartment extends over the wrist or there is a strap. 

For anyone worried about their wrists or looking for extra support, try one with a secure strap that can be adjusted to your size.


Equally, the grip can really affect how likely you are to get injured when using these focus mitts. The best punching mitts will have a ball like grip or curved design which keeps the hand snug and secure inside the pad. This stops movement and reduces the risk of injury to the user.

How Do I Choose The Best Focus Mitts For Me?

There are quite a few options in this focus mitts review so to narrow down the best option for you we’ve highlighted some of the best punch mitts for different needs and levels.

Best For Beginners

Because of their low price and clever design, the Sanabul Essential Curved Focus Mitts are the best punch mitts for beginners. The natural curve of the hand should be easy to get used to and feel more natural while you learn how to use them. 

What’s more, for a reasonable price you won’t feel like you have to make a big investment to start training with focus mitts.

Best Unisex Focus Mitts

The Elite Sports Boxing Punch Focus Mitts are great for a range of different exercises as well as being suitable for both men and women. This makes them a great pick if you are looking for a pair of pads you can share with your partner. 

It also means that they are a tight fit which are suitable for smaller hands so if you are looking for something secure and tight-fitting these could be the best boxing pads for you.

Best for Wrist Support and Comfort

For anyone who has suffered from a previous wrist injury or is just looking for more wrist support and comfort, the Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts are one of the best picks for comfort. The curved design also keeps these pads tight to the hand to further prevent the wrist from snapping back.


There is a whole range of great choices in this punching mitts review but the stand out choice for me has to be the Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitts.

Made with genuine leather, these are one of the more durable and professional options in this focus mitt review. They are also still at a reasonable price despite this high-quality material. 

They work well for a range of different exercises and training so they should keep up with you no matter what your training style. In terms of grip, they offer both a ball grip and a tight fit to make sure that you don’t feel any slipping during your training giving them a natural and effortless feel with every hit.

Overall, the Ringside Panther Boxing Punch Mitts offer everything you might need for boxing and punch mitt training. If you aren’t convinced by this option, try out some of the other picks in this focus mitts review to find the perfect fit for you.


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