The Best BJJ Mats You Should Lay Your Money On (2020 Review)

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Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Do you know what makes a good fighter? 

Persistence and practice.

It’s going to take a lot more than a couple of years in the training center to get you to the top of your sport. And to get the best out of yourself, you’ll have to dedicate every day of your life to it: eat, practice, sleep, and repeat.


To maximize your practice and exercise drills, you will need some padding on the floor, lest your routine will be cut short by injury. This is why I have created and shared my list of the best BJJ mats available in the market to help you train well at home.

Don’t be deceived by my phrasing, these mats will work perfectly for other martial arts too.

My personal favorite from the lot is the ProsourceFit Bi-Fold Exercise Mat, but there are several similarly impressive options that will not fail to impress you.

Read on to explore them all!

Top 5 Best BJJ Mats Reviewed

1. ProsourceFit Bi-Fold Exercise Mat – Best Overall

ProsourceFit Bi-Fold Folding Exercise Mat - Black

To start this list, I present to you my personal favorite from the lot: the ProsourceFit Bi-Fold Exercise Mat. Why do I like it? This foldable mat is among the most versatile options available in the market, you can use it for any number of workouts and martial arts.

I used one of these for my daily jiu-jitsu solo training and found it to be thoroughly impressive. 

Not only is it padded perfectly to safeguard you from any impact but it is also expansive enough to practice stretching or even a few throws with a grappling dummy.

Although, (truth be told) in the latter case, you may want at least two of this placed side by side (but one can work too if you’re careful). The EPE foam technology not only makes the mat perfectly safe but also adds a comfort factor to the whole experience.

This means that you can twist, stretch, and bend all you want without ever worrying about your back or elbows taking any harm. Moreover, since it is foldable, you’ll have no problem storing it in your home which can become all the more welcoming if you have limited space.

This also accounts for greater portability, allowing you to take your mat anywhere you feel like, you can use the side handle for carrying it with ease.

As for the build quality, I have to commend ProsourceFit for a job well done. The vinyl-based cover is resilient enough to take even the roughest of handlings without any problem, making it one of the best jiu jitsu mats available in the market.

Best of all, you can choose among three different colors (blue, black, and grey), pick whichever suits you the best.


  • It is modestly priced considering the features.
  • The EPE foam makes it both comfortable and perfectly safe.
  • The mat features a durable vinyl-based covering which is resistant to wear and tear.
  • You can carry it around with ease owing to the handy side-handle.
  • The mat is available in three different color options.


  • If you want to practice throws, you will need at least two of this placed side by side.


I stand by my initial judgment about this ProsourceFit model being one of the best jiu-jitsu mats available in the market considering the features it affords for a very economic sum.


2. StillCool Puzzle Exercise Mat – Best Budget

StillCool Puzzle Exercise Mat, 20pcs EVA Interlocking Foam Workout Mat with Border for Gyms, Yoga, Outdoor Workouts, Kids

Puzzle mats are the most popular kind when it comes to BJJ training, this is because they cover a much wider area than regular options. StillCool Puzzle Exercise Mats are composed of individual tiles that interlock to produce a huge network, which in this case, covers 20 square feet.

But that’s not why the StillCool Puzzle Exercise Mat deserves your admiration, yes it is a reason, but there’s something else too: it is one of the best options available for a very affordable sum. Rest assured, its excellence does not end here, this is only the starting point.

The surface is perfect for absorbing impact and won’t let you slip or skid by accident. Meaning that when you’re busy throwing that dummy to the floor, it won’t happen the other way around. And since there’s going to be a lot of throwing and falling, the makers have ensured that this mat keeps you perfectly safe.

The EVA foam installed inside can impeccably absorb the shock of fall if you do happen to be at the receiving end, perhaps with a partner. The setup is not all that complicated either, all you have to do is to place the tiles on the floor, join them as you would the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and voila!

If you’re worried about other members of your household being disturbed by the noise created by your practice, then you’d be glad to hear that these tiles are highly noise-absorbent. For the cleaning, all you have to do is wash them with soapy water and then rinse.

Affordability and a host of features that are sure to make your practice sessions much more productive, this is a fatal combination, and this mat has nailed it.


  • The tiles cover a significant area, giving you complete freedom for your training sessions.
  • The setup process is not hard at all, if you’ve ever heard of a jigsaw puzzle, you’re good to go.
  • The mat is both noise-proof and impact-resistant.
  • It inculcates the EVA foam technology which provides both comfort and protection.
  • It is very easy to maintain as well.


  • You will need a 20 square feet area to use this mat to its fullest.


Affordability, resilience, comfort, and protection are all great arguments for landing this product among the most effective jiu jitsu mats for home. Indeed, the StillCool Puzzle Exercise Mat is a product worthy of your admiration and investment.


3. ProsourceFit Interlocking Tiles – Best Puzzle Tile Mat

ProsourceFit Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat 1/2", EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles for Protective, Cushioned Workout Flooring for Home and Gym Equipment, Grey This is not the first time you’re hearing “ProsourceFit” on this list and it won’t be the last either.

But this product is different than the one discussed earlier from the same maker. How? It is a puzzle tile mat, well duh – it says so in the title, but it also says “best,” read on and I will show you why I said so.

This mat covers a greater area than the previous puzzle mat entry, spreading comfortably over a span of 24 feet with ease. This means that you have an even greater area for unrestricted practice, workouts, and grappling throws. Whether you wish to go solo or team up with a friend, this mat will be perfect for each scenario.

The surface is perfect for preventing any skid or slip on your part, meaning that it will be the dummy taking the fall, not you. And in case, you do happen to volunteer for a throw with a fellow trainee, not to worry, it won’t be hurtful.

These tiles are meant to absorb pressure, the EVA foam present within each tile is impact-resistant, meaning that when you fall onto its surface, the pressure of the impact will be absorbed, making your fall softer than it would’ve been otherwise.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to set it up either. I mean kudos to you if you are one, but don’t bother getting a degree for assembling this mat, even a kindergartener can do it. Just play as you would in a puzzle until all the tiles fit perfectly.

Cleaning them up is also as simple as it gets.

Being perfectly shock-absorbent and easy to set up and maintain, this product deserves its place among the best jiu-jitsu mats for home. And it’s not only meant for martial arts, you can let the kids play on it so that they don’t hurt themselves, or perhaps the significant other might need a comfortable surface for their workout.

I mean it works the best, no matter how you look at it.


  • It is very comfortable and keeps you from harm’s way.
  • The tiles can absorb impact with great effect.
  • You can use the mat for a whole lot of stuff other than MMA or BJJ.
  • Setting up and cleaning the whole ensemble is not complicated at all.


  • It is a bit pricier than the other comparable option mentioned earlier.


No matter how you look at the whole thing, the ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Interlocking Tiles deserve your admiration and investment. They may be pricier than some other options available in the same style, but they do offer a fine host of features for what they are worth.


4. BalanceFrom Puzzle Mat – Best Area Coverage

Balance From Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Black

Perhaps you want to go beyond the spatial limitations of your living room, and instead, create an expansive training space (ranging between 24 and 144 square feet) for yourself and your peers. Or maybe you’re looking to pad a room in your dojo (if you have one). In either case, BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat.

The tiles are thick enough and padded well to cushion your fall so that you don’t hurt yourself when training. This is mostly due to the incorporation of the EVA foam technology incorporated into each tile. The results speak for themselves, the tiles are as safe as they get.

As with any puzzle mat, you just join the tiles together like a jigsaw and that’s all there’s to it. Apart from softening the impact of a fall, the tiles are also resistant to moisture, meaning that you can easily wash them clean. The best part, however, is that the mat is covered by a 2-year warranty.


  • The mat covers an expansive area: ranging between 24 and 144 square feet (available in different sizes).
  • The tiles are easy to assemble, as you would do a jigsaw puzzle.
  • The tiles have the EVA foam technology incorporated into their design.
  • The whole ensemble is washable.
  • These tiles are covered by a two-year warranty.


  • Unless you plan on using at least 24 square feet of space, look elsewhere.


The BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat offers an expansive coverage and delivers excellently otherwise too, the features it boasts are enough to make it worthy of your admiration and securing its place among the best MMA mats one can buy.


5. ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Mat – Best Portability

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat - BlueThe list began with a ProsurceFit product, and through the same brand, it ends. There is no denying that the company has offered some of the best mats for judo and assorted martial arts.

This model; the Tri-Fold Exercise Mat is here because it offers a similar level of excellence as the preceding entries.

The tri-fold design of this exercise mat makes it perfect for carrying over to wherever you want, or for storing away in limited spaces. If spatial limitations bothered you before, they won’t with this one as it is compact enough to be laid out easily in your bedroom.

The mat is perfectly padded, allowing you to freely exercise and practice without the fear of hurting yourself or creating an uncomfortable sensation in your back, elbows, or knees. The vinyl-based cover is also something to look for, especially since it is available in blue, black, and grey shades.


  • The mat is very cost-effective, considering the features it affords.
  • The foam-based cushioning is both comfortable and highly absorbent.
  • The vinyl cover is highly durable and is available in three different colors.
  • The mat is highly portable, owing to its tri-fold design and a side handle.


  • The mat does not offer much surface area when compared to puzzle mat options.


Overall, the ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Exercise Mat will be perfect for anyone seeking a portable option to maintain a bullet-proof exercise routine.


What Sets Apart The Best Wrestling Mats?

I mentioned some of my favorite options available in the market and I will stand by my words, they did impress me thoroughly. However, it is only natural for you to want to explore further and if that is the case, then perhaps this section will help you make an informed decision.

Here are some factors that you should consider when buying a mat for martial arts training:

Shock Absorbance

The whole point of getting a martial arts mat is to soften the blow when you fall, which you will when executing throws and other maneuvers. Unless your mat is good at absorbing the impact, there is no point going for it.

You can’t tell that from a picture, of course, you’ll have to test the thing.

But in case you can’t, just go through some user comments to see if the mat is protective enough for your training session. You can also ask the manufacturers if they have added any cushioning material like EVA foam to it.

Area Covered

This is a matter of personal preference and spatial requirements. Normally, a couple of square feet would be enough to get you started on your takedowns and throws. However, some options can cover up to ten times as much as you need.

The idea is to go for something that offers just as much or only slightly more than what is required. Portable mats will be much smaller and hence not suitable for practicing throws unless you place two of them side by side.

Just consider your needs before you select a size.

But of course, it's a different story if you're training with even the best grappling dummy because no matter how many times you throw it hard, it's never ever going to attack you! (I'm just trying to be funny here) 😀

Consider The Type

When it comes to practice mats for martial arts, you have a couple of options, each with their merits and demerits:

Jigsaw/Tile-Puzzle Type: These mats are composed of tiles that work like jigsaw pieces, you simply put them together and they will assemble into a cushioned floor. They cover expansive areas, so if you wish to cushion an entire room to practice your throws, opt for one of these.

PS, go for thicker tiles, the thicker the better.

Roll-out Type: As the name suggests, these mats can be rolled up for storage and then used at an instant’s notice. They don’t require any assembly and usually feature flexible padding, they may be available in any number of sizes (I did not mention one of these on my list because none was available).

Folding Type: Finally, the folding mats also work exactly how they sound like, and most of them are very portable too. They offer smaller workout areas though, but are also very portable, allowing you to use them wherever you feel like doing so.

What Is Your Budget?

In the end, you will have to face some practical problems too like money. Can you afford a certain product, and even if you can, should you go for it? Maintaining a strict budget is hard but totally worth it.

My aim is not to get you to buy the stuff you can’t afford but instead share a host of options so that you can pick the most appropriate one.

You have a ton of options, even those that don’t cost as much as what most other options do but offer some pretty decent features. I say go for them if you can’t afford to go higher. Consider your needs before your wants and you’ll be fine.

Now that we’re near the end, let's check out this amazing YouTube video detailing 19 Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ drills that you can do on your own at home:

Bottom Line

I selected the aforementioned ‘best grappling mats for home’ after some serious screening, they all boast impressive features and are sure to make a worthwhile addition to your home training ensemble.

I like the ProsourceFit Bi-Fold Exercise Mat the most of this lot, but if you’re running a bit low on cash then the StillCool Puzzle Exercise Mat will do just fine too. You can’t go wrong with any of the products mentioned on this list.

In case you’re out shopping by yourself or looking for other products online, the parameters mentioned in the previous section will be immensely helpful.

That’s all from my side, if you’ve got something to share, feel free to express yourself in the comment section below!

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