The Best Kickboxing Shoes Review: Top Tips, Pros & Cons Plus Buying Guide

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Last Updated on March 22, 2021

The best shoes for kickboxing can range widely from sneakers to foot grips...

..but one thing they all have in common is that they are high-quality enough to protect you from injury and help you perfect your kickboxing technique.

We’ve taken a look at the best kickboxing shoes out there and rounded up the ones that are definitely worth your consideration.

Top 8 Best Kickboxing Shoes Reviewed

1. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

Our Verdict: Best Overall

Made for boxing, these are a slightly more hardcore kickboxing shoe which means that they provide some of the best protection.

I really like the style of the Ringside Diablo boxing boots. They come in a few choices of colors including blue, pink, and red. The leather vinyl is durable without being too stiff and the low-top ankle provides support without impeding movement.

They are also made with breathable nylon mesh material so your feet don’t overheat in these boots. The non-slip rubber sole increases comfort and protects your ankle from strains and sprains while kicking or pivoting which makes these boots some of the best shoes for cardio kickboxing.

You’ll really appreciate that extra ankle support with all the movements involved.

These kickboxing shoes do also come in women’s sizes but only in pink which is a shame as there are more colors on offer for men. The good thing is they are very reasonably priced for professional kickboxing shoes and can be used for wrestling and boxing as well.

Despite looking quite bulky, they are super lightweight which helps you move around the ring freely. You can also adjust the tightness easily with the lace-up design.

Some customers have had issues with the durability of the sole but most people were satisfied with the overall quality of these kickboxing shoes.


  • Lightweight
  • Extra ankle support
  • Durable leather vinyl material
  • Breathable nylon mesh


  • Not a lot of color options for women

With a contemporary style, these kickboxing shoes will give you a professional look and professional quality feel for a reasonable price making them some of the best shoes for cardio kickboxing and kickboxing training in general.


2. Nike Men’s Metcon 2

Our Verdict: Best Sneakers for Kickboxing

What I really like about these kickboxing shoes is that they come in a range of colors and styles which makes you stand out in the ring and stun your opponent.

With this best kickboxing shoes, you’ll be able to pivot and move easily as the rubber sole adds traction and grip. 

The lightweight material Metcon 2 is flexible but still durable so it can take on the pressure from repeated kicks while still allowing you to bend your foot naturally.

Although non-slip, the soles can lose some traction outdoors so these shoes are better for indoor kickboxing sessions if you want to get the most out of them. Some people have also found that they feel quite narrow and getting the right fit can be difficult.


  • Flexible and durable material
  • Rubber soles for grip
  • Range of colors and designs


  • Narrow fit

Nike is a trusted sports brand that provides reliable sportswear and equipment. These are some of the best sneakers for kickboxing around at the moment.


3. PUMA Women’s Tazon WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Cross-Trainer Shoe Black Silver/Beetroot Purple, 7 M US

Our Verdict: Most Popular for Women

Great for a range of sports and coming in a few choices of colors, this is one of the best kickboxing shoes for women.

Made from 100% synthetic leather, Tazon WN’s FM is super durable without being stiff and reducing your mobility which is great for cardio kickboxing classes and professional training. The rubber soles are ideal for grip but don’t feel too bulky thanks to the sneaker-like design, keeping you feeling free and light on your feet.

The great thing about sneaker-like kickboxing shoes is that they keep you cool. The breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner makes you feel even fresher during a sweaty kickboxing session. 

Personally, I think that these are some of the best sneakers for kickboxing because they feel so comfortable.

Lastly, there is also a TPU shank which increases stability. Balance is a key part of kickboxing and losing your balance could mean seriously damaging your ankle so it’s great to see shoes with this extra support.

The only issue some women have had is with finding the right size. They do feel pretty tight so it’s a good idea to try a size up.


  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Easy to move
  • TPU shank for balance
  • Breathable liner


  • Sizing can be off

These are a very popular pair and some of the best kickboxing shoes for women. What’s more, they are useful for a range of other sports and very reasonably priced.


4. Under Armour Men’s Charged Toccoa 2 Running Shoe

Our Verdict: Great for All-Rounders

With rubber soles and made from textile and synthetic material, these kickboxing shoes are super comfortable and ready to take on any kickboxing session.

Also great for runners, these shoes are the best kickboxing shoes for long term comfort as they are designed to cushion your soles. Charged Toccoa 2 is also lightweight and breathable, thanks to the mesh fabric and synthetic overlays which make them more durable and provide support for the tops of your feet during kicks.

The full-length EVA sock liner makes them even more comfortable as they are able to conform to the shape of your foot. There are a few colors to choose from but they’re all pretty neutral. 

They are the best lightweight kickboxing shoes for reducing fatigue which can be a real problem during hardcore kickboxing sessions.

Seeing as these shoes are some of the most affordable kickboxing shoes around and are great for other workouts and exercises, I think they’re well worth the money.

The only issue is the soles are designed for running so they might be a bit too sticky for pivoting around the ring. Some customers have also found the color looks a little different in real life compared to the pictures.


  • Lightweight breathable material
  • Great for running and gym
  • Super comfortable lining


  • Can feel a bit sticky in the ring

These kickboxing shoes are great all-rounders for the gym, running, and your boxing class. The only issue is they aren’t designed specifically for the ring so might feel a bit too grippy with those running soles.


5. Sanabul Foot Grips

New Item Sanabul Foot Grips for MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Yoga (Large/X-Large, Black)

Our Verdict: Best Budget Buy

They might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to kickboxing shoes, but these foot grips are the best budget option in this review and still perform very well. They have a cool black design with several color options for the detailing and logo.

Sanabul Foot Grips are super easy to clean and won’t collect grime and sweat like normal socks. They’ve been tested by professionals so you know that they are still effective even if they don’t look like much compared to a sneaker or boxing boot.

The good thing is they actually provide a really decent grip on the mat despite not having rubber soles like other kickboxing shoes. 

They feature non-slip foot grips which allow you to turn on your heel and grip with the front of your feet for a solid stance while striking.

Another highlight is that it is much easier to find your perfect fit with these socks than with other kickboxing shoes because of the four-way stretch material which also provides the best mobility. They come in men’s sizes from 5-13.5.

The only issue is they don’t provide as much protection for the foot as thicker kickboxing shoes or sneakers and some people have found that the material isn’t as breathable so you might find your foot will get a bit sweaty.

On the bright side, you just chuck them in the wash to freshen them up after your kickboxing session.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and super flexible
  • Good grip
  • Very affordable


  • Not as protective
  • Can feel hot

These socks are a totally different option when it comes to kickboxing shoes so if you want to try something new, these are a great pick. They are also the best kickboxing shoes for anyone shopping on a budget.



6. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed Wrestling Shoe

Our Verdict: Superior Grip

Coming in some pretty eye-catching colors, or a more neutral black and white design if you prefer, these wrestling shoes are another popular choice for kickboxing.

As a recognized fitness brand, Adidas supply some of the best shoes for cardio kickboxing, and Combat Speed is a great addition to their products. Made from synthetic leather and suede, the material is durable and long-lasting but doesn’t feel stiff. They are also slightly higher in the ankle to provide more support.

The rubber soles provide great grip and traction making these kickboxing shoes ideal for professional fights as well as cardio kickboxing classes. As the name suggests, they are made for both speed and power and are breathable enough to keep you cool in the ring.

Made for wrestling, they are a little heavier than other kickboxing shoes which means more power but you might also feel fatigued more quickly with the extra weight. Nevertheless, the grip is designed to keep you stable while delivering powerful punches and kicks which is great for kickboxing as well as wrestling.


  • Well-known reliable brand
  • Durable and flexible material
  • Breathable


  • Can feel heavy

If you are looking to combine your kickboxing training with wrestling, these shoes provide superior grip to take on heavy hits and protect your ankle and foot.


7. ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana 2 Fitness Shoe

Our Verdict: Super Lightweight

With some classic and attractive color options and sizes from 5-12, these are also some of the best kickboxing shoes for women.

Women's Gel-Fit Sana 2 is made from 100% synthetic material with a rubber sole and an upper and external stretch heel cup. The mono-sock fit system with elastic internal sleeve gives you a tight fit which is still breathable thanks to the lightweight material.

The rearfoot GEL cushioning system also improves comfort. These shoes are very lightweight and comfortable already but the cushioning really adds to this. 

They are also great for stability and balance because of the low-profile sneaker design which provides as much mobility as possible but, unfortunately, doesn’t protect your ankle like boot high-top kickboxing shoes.

They also have a wide toe box which provides more flexibility for the toes allowing you to find your balance more naturally. They aren’t the best for outdoor use, however, as dust and dirt can reduce traction on the soles. The good thing is they are easy to clean and recover the grippy rubber sole.

The only issue is that people with wide feet might find the tight fit a bit too much and the attached tongue can be uncomfortable for people with a high-arch or instep as it makes them quite hard to adjust.


  • Durable and lightweight material
  • Breathable with a tight fit
  • Extra cushioning


  • Not great for wide feet

If you can get the right fit for you, these super lightweight shoes are great for kickboxing and extra comfortable so you’ll be able to keep up with a long kickboxing session.


8. Otomix Men’s Warrior Shoes

Our Verdict: Best for Wide Feet

Made from polyester and with rubber soles, these lightweight but durable boxing shoes have a wider toe box than previous models which improves balance. This extra room also makes them great for wider feet.

The high-top design provides extra ankle support making these the best kickboxing shoes for heavyweights as they can take on the extra pressure of powerful kicks. 

Otomix Men's Warrior is also great for a range of other activities including wrestling, MMA, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.

The laces combined with wrap-around strap increase stability so you can quickly move from transitioning into striking without losing your balance or injuring your ankle with shaky footwork. Even if you do misplace your feet, the extra ankle support stops you from going over on your ankles and ending up with a strain or sprain.

Of course, the wider toe box means that these shoes have an adverse problem to those with a tight fit, and people with narrow feet might find that there is too much extra room. A few customers also found that they are not as durable as expected considering the price.


  • More room in the toe box for wider feet
  • High-top design provides ankle support
  • Great for a range of activities


  • Not great for narrow feet

These are the best shoes for kickboxing if you have wider feet and need extra ankle support. If you have narrow feet, on the other hand, they might not be quite tight enough.


kickboxing punch bag

Do I Need Kickboxing Shoes?

You might be tempted to use your usual gym shoes or running sneakers or even your favorite boxing shoes for kickboxing training and cardio kickboxing class, but this wouldn’t be the best idea. The shoes in this review have specific design features that make them appropriate for kickboxing.

They are lightweight enough to feel natural and not impede your movements while being durable and sturdy enough to protect your foot from injuries.

Lastly and most importantly, the soles are designed to provide just enough grip to ensure you are balanced while striking and you can pivot quickly and easily. Other shoes can easily be too grippy or not grippy enough so its important to get the best shoes for kickboxing.

What’s more, if you have flat feet or other conditions which cause you pain, you can get shoes that adapt to your foot shape and cushion it for extra comfort.

Can I Go Barefoot?

Traditionally, kickboxing is done barefoot, but the problem is this will leave your foot exposed to injuries, not just from contact with your opponent but also from losing your balance and going over on your ankle. If you would like to go barefoot but also want to protect your foot and enhance your grip, you can try kickboxing socks that are super lightweight but still provide grip.

Cardio kickboxing on the other hand does require shoes as you’ll be combining kickboxing movements with a range of exercises. Shoes will help you to maintain your balance and feel comfortable throughout your session.

What To Look For In The Best Kickboxing Shoes

Now that you know kickboxing shoes are a necessity, there are several features you need to check when buying these shoes. We evaluate all of these things when deciding which kickboxing shoes to review.


The material used affects both how durable and long-lasting your kickboxing shoes or even your type of kickboxing gloves will be, as well as how flexible they will be. Although materials like real leather are the most durable, they can be stiff and heavy which is exactly what you don’t want when you need to be light on your feet.

For this reason, synthetic leather and suede are normally used for kickboxing shoes as they are still durable but much more lightweight and flexible. You can also find cheaper shoes made from synthetic materials like polyester which can still be high-quality.


The soles are usually made from rubber which provides the best grip. Some running shoes are more grippy then others so you’ll need to try them out on the surface that you’ll be training on to make sure that they don’t feel too sticky.  


If you have a previous ankle injury or just want some extra support so you don’t end up with one, high-top shoes can help to keep your ankle in place and prevent sprains or strains even if you do end up going over on your ankle.

Tighter kickboxing shoes can also offer extra support and comfort for people with flat feet. The best kickboxing shoes for flat feet have padded midsoles that help with pain and fatigue associated with being on your feet for long periods of time.

Which Are The Best Kickboxing Shoes For Me?

Best Kickboxing Shoes For Women

There are a few options out there specifically designed for women. These shoes come in women’s sizes and are designed to suit your foot shape and aid your posture. For me, the best kickboxing shoes for women have to be the PUMA Women’s Tazon WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe which are great for a range of sports as well as kickboxing and cardio kickboxing.

Best Lightweight Shoes For Kickboxing

If having the most natural feel possible is important to you, I would recommend something slightly different from the usual sneaker or boxing boot. The Sanabul Foot Grips are designed to be like socks with added grips for that natural, almost barefoot feel. What’s more, they are super affordable.

Best Kickboxing Shoes For Comfort

If comfort is your biggest priority, the Under-Armour Men’s Charged Toccoa 2 Running Shoes are a good choice for you. The EVA foot liner conforms to the shape of your foot so even if you have trouble with flat feet or other conditions, these shoes will fit your feet tightly and give you the extra support you need.

Now, let's watch some power kickboxing combos before we wrap this off:


These are all great options but for me, the overall best shoes for kickboxing have to be the Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes because they combine durable vinyl leather material with breathable mesh and non-slip rubber soles for the best feel and grip.

They also have ankle support and are super lightweight which is perfect for moving around the ring quickly without worrying about injury.

If you’re not convinced by my top pick, take a look at all the options in this review to find the best kickboxing shoes for you.

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