Walter "School Boy" Sarnoi: The Fighter, Winning Over The Doubters

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Last Updated on January 13, 2021

Walter Sarnoi aka “The School Boy” is a professional Thai-American boxer, born on June 23, 1986, in Monterey Park, California. 

He’s the current WBC Latino Featherweight Champion. Whenever he isn’t boxing, he works as a paramedic or travels the world on off days. 

Walter is a multi-lingual who speaks four languages (English, Thai, Spanish, and, Mandarin). He’s also a college graduate and studied further to get an MBA certificate.


The “School Boy” is much more than just a pro boxer.  

Separation, Mind Over Matter, Freedom

Walter grew up with a single mother after his parents separated when he was just 7 years old. He didn’t set eyes on his father again till he was 14 years old. This turn of events instilled determination and willpower into his young but fiery heart.

Or perhaps it runs in the blood. It wasn’t until after the separation he discovered that his father; Thira Lodjarengabe, was a professional boxer who had even fought, the hall of famer, Masahiko “Fighting Harada” in 1963.

He took up this passion early in life. And as a teen, he was lucky to get funding from the US Olympic committee to study at North Michigan University, where he got the nickname “School Boy.” But unlike most pro fighters and his round-the-clock will to learn, he further studied to get his Master’s degree at Azusa Pacific University. 

What’s more astounding is, when he isn’t bursting faces in the ring or preparing to, he’s a nice guy saving lives as a paramedic in Southern California.

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Either by seizing the opportunity of visiting different cities as a boxer or on vacations, School Boy loves to travel. And boy, he loves giving travel tips, if anyone wants one. He has been to over 25 countries and shares photos and videos of these fun moments on his socials.

 However, he’s not only a helping hand in travel situations. He actively speaks and volunteers for several non-profit organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Union Rescue, and is even a sports ambassador for Hope 4 Children. Sarnoi has also run for City Council of his hometown, Monterey Park.

He is the current WBC Featherweight Champion and strives to be the first Thai-American world champion. 

The Road To Championship 

While studying at North Michigan University, Walter also trained with the US boxing team to stay on top of his game. It’s safe to say he had an accomplished amateur career. He was one of the top-rated featherweights in the United States as an amateur boxer. 

It wasn’t until after the 2008 Olympics that he decided to take the leap of faith to go professional. 

Walter got the fuel he needed to carry on this path after winning his debut bout against, Mexican featherweight, Jesse Adame, by TKO in the 3rd round. 

A decade later, in October of 2018, inside the Coliseo Luis Donaldo Colosio, he beat Luis Lugo to clinch his WBC Latino Silver Featherweight Championship in Mexico.

 It was a dream come true for Walter, saying “Winning my WBC title means so much to me because ever since I was a kid growing up, I saw legendary fighters like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Oscar de la Hoya, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Floyd Mayweather all have their “Green WBC Belts.”  

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He feels it’s not all about the fighting but the business of the sport.

He enjoys being around like-minded individuals that push him to do better. He has trained with renowned coach, Dean Campos, “the Mad Scientist.” to help him train smarter as he gets older. And also alongside pros and champions such as Seniesa Estrada, Sergio “Latin Snake” Mora, and Art Saakyan. 

Walter sees his most recent win against former champion, Edgar Puerta, as another step towards his ultimate goal… Becoming a world champ! 

He currently has an impressive (22-4, 14 KO’s) record. And he owes his doubters a small thank you for that.  

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Dream Coming True

As you may have already predicted, Walter Sarnoi isn’t your regular brawler. 

He’s a college graduate. Paramedic on some days. Avid traveler and biker on other days, probably when he’s off.

To cut to the chase, his life isn’t revolved around a sole dream of winning the world title. He also wants to help the youth who dream big on their part to success and fruitfulness. And to set up a program or a gym where he can help people reach their fitness goals through boxing.

At K2Promos, he enjoys the help of a bunch of boxing and martial arts enthusiasts, who offer the little help they can in pushing the brave ones towards their body goals. 


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