Best Wrestling Knee Pads Reviewed: Tips, Pros & Cons + Buyer's Guide

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Last Updated on February 21, 2021

While it may be fun watching Jackie Chan fight off a horde of attackers in Hollywood films, things don’t usually work that way in a real fight. If you’ve taken up wrestling with a burning passion, then prepare yourself for some rigorous beatings too.


It is only natural to sustain damage in a fight, but that’s not to say you can’t do something about it. Your knees are especially vulnerable in intense fights, but with only a little protection, you can make sure that they don’t get a scratch.

Sounds good, right? Works even better.

With the right protection, your knees will be perfectly safe from all damages, and this is why I have compiled a list of my picks for the best wrestling knee pads.

My personal favorite is the McDavid Knee Pads For Sports & Wrestling, but you’ve got several other competitive options, and I would not blame you if you were to pick another product.

Enough pep talk, let’s get started!

Top 6 Best Wrestling Knee Pads Reviewed

1. McDavid Knee Pads – Best Overall

McDavid 410 Knee Pad with Sorbothane Insert (Black, Large)

Whether you want to prevent an injury in the first place or don’t want to be hindered by the pain of a pre-existing scratch, you will find much use of the McDavid Knee Pads. I must confess, the manufacturers have exceeded my expectations at such a convenient price level.

Not only are the McDavid Knee Pads immaculately designed but it also features an impressive comfort factor. Wearing one of these, I felt that my knees were cushioned perfectly, enough to withstand an impact but not so much to hinder movements.

If you already have a minor superficial injury in your knees, wearing one of these is a sure way to offer the affected region the comfort and support it needs to heal itself. And, I was blown away by the flexibility of its materials, which happen to be 100% latex-free by the way, a feature deserving praise.

Since the pads are made up of premium-grade components that allow perfect breathability all the while offering an appreciable level of support, and the price tag seems to be more or less of a steal.

If that wasn’t enough, they offer a 100% money-back warranty in case your product turns out to be defective! These are the sorts of gestures that encourage buyers to try out something new.


  • The 100% money-back warranty is very reassuring
  • All materials used in the making of these pads are of premium-grade
  • They offer an impressive level of comfort and cushioning
  • The pads are completely latex-free


  • These pads cannot be compared to high-end products


If I were to name the first product that came to my mind after hearing “best knee pads for wrestling,” I’d undoubtedly say McDavid Knee Pads For Sports & Wrestling because of the comfort and reliability they offer.


2. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads – Best Budget

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads, Thick Sponge Anti-Slip, Collision Avoidance Knee Sleeve(Small/Medium) Do you want some decent protection for your knees but can’t afford to break your bank over it? I understand. So do the makers of Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads because they are willing to offer you the comfort and safety you need at a surprisingly low price.

Since it is a low-budget option, you might not be expecting any high-end features from it, and you’d be right not to. But is it worth it? Hell yeah! For starters, the pads are available in two size options and both provide perfect cushioning and support.

The material is breathable and does not hinder joint movements at all, best of all: no latex, only high-quality materials like polyester, rubber, and EVA. You will also be amazed by how light and comfortable they feel, all the while offering solid 360-degrees protection.

Don’t worry about them slipping off either because they have a perfect grip with a non-slip feature to keep them on at all times unless you remove them voluntarily.

All of these features combined with the shocking affordability has earned them a place on this list of the best knee pads for wrestling.


  • These knee pads are surprisingly affordable
  • They offer solid protection despite being deceptively lightweight
  • The materials are all very premium in quality
  • These pads stay on even during a rough fight due to their non-slip feature


  • They fade in comparison to high-end models


No matter how you look at it, the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads offer a sweet deal by being surprisingly affordable yet very effective at offering protection against all harms to your knees.


3. Bear KompleX Compression Sleeves – Best in Comfort

Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves, Fitness & Support for Workouts & Running. Sold in Pairs-Crossfit Training, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Squats & Gym Use. 5mm&7mm Thick, Multicolor for Men & Women

Whether you wish to escape the pains of an intense workout or face off against a formidable foe in the ring, the Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves will be perfect for any confrontation. These knee sleeves offer the level of comfort that is unparalleled by subpar models.

How they do so is no mystery either. It is a combination of factors. First of all, they have an optimal size, allow blood to flow unrestricted, and provide the perfect cushioning to your knees.

This makes them perfect for not only preventing an injury but also dealing with one if you already have it. The 60-days return policy is also very reassuring, not that the product will fail to impress (it won’t) but it is still good to know that you are in control the whole time.

Lastly, the design... I have to say that these knee sleeves/pads are among the most handsome ones I have seen so far.


  • These knee sleeves/pads are immaculately designed
  • They offer decent support to your knees
  • They are perfect for countering impact
  • The materials used for this product are of a premium grade


  • These pads are not as affordable as some other options mentioned so far


Based on the features listed above, it should come as no surprise that the Bear KompleX Compression Knee Sleeves have made their way into the best knee braces for wrestling.

However, this unparalleled level of excellence also comes at a considerably higher price than some other models mentioned on this list.


4. ASICS Unisex Knee Pads – Best Gel Cushioning Option

ASICS Gel Reversible, White/Black, Large

The ASICS Unisex Knee Pads found their way onto my list because of the effort that the manufacturers put into perfecting this product.

ASICS has a reputation for collaborating with athletes and employing scientific knowledge to produce some of the most iconic sporting equipment available in the market. And, these knee pads are no exception

The thing I love the most about them is their unique gel cushioning system. Not only is this a completely different approach from the foam-based cushioning mechanism of competing products but also better in some aspects, most importantly, shock absorbance.

As with all other products mentioned so far, this one too is free from latex. However, it does differ in the way that it is sold individually rather than in a pair. This may work for some people, not for others.

Overall, one cannot help but see why it deserves to be among the best knee braces for wrestling.


  • The iconic and unique gel cushioning system is very helpful
  • The pads are very lightweight
  • They offer optimal comfort and keep the knee joints perfectly mobile
  • They offer a thorough protection


  • They are sold individually


Overall, there is no doubt that this list would’ve been incomplete without the mention of ASICS Unisex Knee Pads and their iconic gel cushioning mechanism.


5. Matman Neoprene Youth – Best For Youthful Wrestlers

Looking for youth-oriented protective pads? Then this might be what you’re looking for. Not only are they deceptively lightweight, making them perfect for younger players, but are also, at the same time, perfectly protective.

They can resist all sorts of burns and abrasions and provide a level of comfort that is enviable to anyone not wearing protective knee pads. The protective part is so uncompromising that even people who’ve had some knee therapy will have no problem with these.

Neoprene, the major component of this product, assures thorough heat circulation throughout the knee with ease, and the sleeves won’t slide off mid-fight. Lastly, they are available in a variety of youthful sizes ranging between small and extra-large.


  • Deceptively lightweight
  • Thoroughly protective
  • They work well even with people who’ve had a knee therapy
  • Won’t slide off mid-fight


  • They are not sold as a pair but rather individually


Overall, the Matman Neoprene Youth Knee Sleeves are perfect for protecting users against any impact on the knees, and since they are available in a variety of youthful sizes, they are perfect for younger wrestlers.

Just one problem though: they are sold individually.


What To Look For In Knee Pads For Wrestling?

All of the wrestling knee pad reviews in the preceding section are only one phase of the whole process.

Buying protective sleeves for wrestling is way beyond looking at some selected products. You may come across any number of excellent, high-end knee pads and get the urge to buy them. Or perhaps you came across an online sale that is offering them for an unbelievably low price.

In either case, you will want to judge a product against some standards before finalizing your decision and in this section, I will show you just how you can do that.

Material Quality & Protection Offered

When it comes to materials, you’ve got many options to consider from the pool, and while each has its merits and demerits, you can differentiate between high-quality and “wanna-be” materials.

Usually, Lycra spandex, neoprene, and nylon are the preferred choice and they generally perform very well too. However, when it comes to material preference, your experience will also count.

If you’ve worn knee pads featuring a certain material and had a good time with it, stick to your choice! Similarly, the padding should also be scrutinized, because the protection these pads offer is more important than you can imagine.

These days, not every product sticks hard and fast with foam-based cushions, but instead, we have an assortment of options such as gel-based cushions, sponges, and similar layered protection.

While all of these work almost as well as the other, virtually, you should consider the quality factor. A high-end foam-based cushion may prove to be much better than a low-end gel-based system.

This is the sort of thing you can only tell once you’ve worn the pads or if you browse through user comments for a product posted online.

Sold Individually Or As A Pair?

This part is totally up to you. Do you want protective padding for both knees (I highly recommend it) or just one? In either case, you’ve got options. Some brands sell their pads as pairs and even offer warranties for both pieces.

However, other brands only sell their knee sleeves individually, meaning that if you want them for both knees, you’ll have to order two. There is no right or wrong here, although pairs are comparatively more economic.

At this point, let me also mention that you're much safer wearing one of the best wrestling headgear to prevent cauliflower ear... yes, that's actually my point. We have an article about that and I'm sure you'll be interested to know why it is quite important to have your ears protected. Hint: It can lead to something more than what you think.

Affordability VS Quality

Instead of going for the fanciest or the cheapest product available, consider this: is going cheap once only to get trapped again better than a one-time long-term investment? Of course not.

You need to watch your spending, I understand that, but if you do have to buy a product, make it a good one. Look for the things you need rather than want and go for something that delivers those features in the price range you can afford.

Learning budget management is essential to buying any product, both online and in person.

Before we wrap things up, here is a very helpful YouTube video about why you should always have your knee pads on when wrestling:

Bottom Line

All of the products listed above are not only my personal favorite but have earned their positions due to the value they bring to the game.

The McDavid Knee Pads For Sports & Wrestling are my personal favorite owing to their versatility and resilience but if you’re on a tight budget, then the Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads will do a fine job too.

My point with writing this article was to educate you about the merits of wearing protective padding for your knees in a wrestling match and practice as well. As the famous saying goes: “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Until next time, play it safe.

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